May 16,2019

Old is Gold

Centenarian Home is a nursing home and elderly day care centre run by Aunty Shan. The residents there come from all walks of life, with their own stories to tell. What are the secrets kept by the model resident of the nursing home? Why is a cheeky grandfather with many grandchildren staying in the nursing home?

In short, the story of Old is Gold will break the stereotypes and prejudices towards the elderly. The show stars Lu Rui En, Xu Bin, Felicia Chin Foong Ling, Chen Han Wei, Chen Li Ping, Louise Lee Si Kei (from Hong Kong) and many more. 

Channel:            Astro AEC I CH.306 (HD) & CH.301 (SD)

TX Date:            28 May – 26 November, 2019 l Every Monday - Friday 

TX time:             3.00pm – 3.30pm 



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