Jan 16,2024

Key Signature Programmes 2024

Dive into 2024 with our most popular key signature shows loved by Malaysians! Download the pricing categories here now!

1. Gegar Vaganza S11

The No. 1 reality singing competition in Malaysia is back with a brand-new season! Hailed as one of Astro’s biggest Malay IPs, Gegar Vaganza has all the elements of entertainment at its best. From top Malaysian hosts; legendary Malaysian singer contestants; prominent judges and juries; and not forgetting, a LIVE studio audience like no other, naturally making it our No. 1 Singing Reality Show.

How does this benefit your brand?

  • Multiple branding touchpoints: Continuing to be entertainment fans' No.1 favourite singing reality show, the show covers key viewpoints across TV, Digital and Radio, and on-ground roadshow for you to tap into various branding opportunities
  • Big Fanbase and a growing of new generation followers: The show brings together different generation group of fans at one place, giving an avenue for your brand to interact with them directly.

Channel: Astro Ria | CH. 104

Date: 1 December 2024 – 16 February 2025

Pricing Category: x21

Genre: Singing Reality Competition


2. Anugerah MeleTOP Era (AME) 2024

The most coveted and credible award show in Southeast Asia, AME 2024 is a people’s choice award ceremony to recognise home-based top artists in various entertainment platforms such as music, radio, television, films, and online. Using fan voting through website, SMS and the SYOK app, a total of 15 categories of awards will be awarded during this prestigious show. Be prepared to see an extravagant, fully-fledged fiesta with LIVE performances, A-list celebrities, and influencers.

How does this benefit your brand?

  • Most prestigious award show in Malaysia: Featuring top entertainers and the best of music, radio, television and more, get your brand onboard in the no. 1 most trended award show in Malaysia for increased visibility and exposure. Each award in the different categories can also be sponsored by brands.
  • Injecting brands into the live award show: Opportunities for brand integration throughout the live set starting from the red carpet, backstage exclusives to stage and ambassadors’ appearances.

Channel: Astro Ria | CH. 104

Date: 24 November 2024

Pricing Category: x13

Genre: Live Award Show


3. Project X* (The Hardest Singing Show) [*Working Title]

Introduces one of Astro’s newest Malay IPs, Project X*. Malaysia's exceptional vocal talents are about to embark on an exciting journey, pushing their boundaries by delivering captivating performances inspired by iconic stage acts. Throughout the singing competition, they must gracefully balance these challenging stage elements with their unparalleled vocal skills.

How does this benefit your brand?

  • A spectacular, brand-new reality singing competition in Malaysia: Every week, contestants will perform in weekly thematic challenge, testing not only their vocal sustenance, but also their creativity, versatility, physical ability, and mental focus. Most importantly, the performance needs to WOW the judges and audiences!
  • Renowned judges and hosts: This show will be featuring well-known celebrities from the music industry.

Channel: Astro Ria | CH. 104

Date: 28 April – 30 June 2024 

Pricing Category: x19

Genre: Reality Competition


4. Bring it Or Ringgit*  [*Working Title]

A new brand talent competition that showcase best out of the best talents from TikTok Malaysia. Featuring singers, dancers, magicians, comedians, and other performers of all ages competing for the champion. Bring It Or Ringgit invites you on a mesmerizing journey each week, where the heartfelt stories of aspiring performers are shared, and their dreams pursued on the biggest stage.

How does this benefit your brand?

  • Highly anticipated talent competition in Malaysia: Discover the next best TikTok superstar in this new show.
  • Incorporating brand messages into live set: Plenty of brand integration opportunities for brand integration throughout the live set, starting from contestants waiting area, live interview side stage to the juries table.

Channel: Astro Ria | CH. 104

Date: 7 July – 8 September 2024 

Pricing Category: x18

Genre: Talent Reality Competition


4. Gempak Most Wanted Awards

The Gempak Most Wanted (GMW) Awards is to reward digital personalities and content creators based on their content and involvement across all digital platforms through public voting.

How does this benefit your brand?

  • Highly engaging content that the communities consume, share and interact: Produced by the popular Gempak team, the award show winners will be determined by the public through a weekly chart show. Opening opportunities for different categories of clients who want to be associated with the latest trending news and digital personalities or influencers.
  • Bringing the excitement to TV and On-ground: People’s voting will be made through a weekly chart show, Gempak Most Wanted, and leading up to an exciting LIVE award show - an opportunity to activate brand love and engage with fans across different touchpoints.

Channel: Astro Ria | CH. 104

Date: 25 February 2024

Pricing Category: x13

Genre: Awards Show


5. Sepahtu Reunion Live & Tour 2024

A brand-new season of stage comedy going on tour to meet and greet their fans! The nation's most popular stage comedy troupe will perform real-life comedy, unscripted, spontaneous, solid, and entertaining sketches. There will be a new comedy topic every week that can be scripted with client messages and brand mentions.

How does this benefit your brand?

  • Nationwide tour: The Sepahtu troupe will be heading to central, south, north and east coast region to meet and greet their fans. Opportunity for sponsor's to run contest and do sampling for live audiences.
  • Incorporating brand messages into live scripts: New comedy topics every week to incorporate brand messages and mentions.

Channel: Astro Warna | CH. 107

Date: 3 May – 12 July 2024

Pricing Category: x10

Genre: Comedy Reality Show 


6. Musikal Lawak Superstar S4

Muzikal Lawak Superstar is Astro Warna's flagship comedy reality competition. A spin-off from Maharaja Lawak Mega, this programme puts all comedians, singers, and actors in a battle series of musical sketches. With the new season, this programme promises to return with a whole new twist and will be the only comedy sketch competition for 2024, serving the best of all our comedians and musicians.

How does this benefit your brand?

  • Highly anticipated comedy sketch competition in Malaysia: Join in for fun and laughter in this platform to discover the next best comedians and musicians.
  • Incorporating brand messages into live set: Opportunities for brand integration throughout the live set, starting from contestants waiting area, live interview side stage to the juries table.

Channel: Astro Warna | CH. 107

Date: 15 September – 17 November 2024

Pricing Category: x15

Genre: Comedy Reality Competition


7. Family Feud Malaysia

A local adaption from the popular American variety game show, 2 groups of celebrities are invited to compete against one another in every episode. The show presents survey questions in a playful format, such as “Among 100 people, what’s the most common answer?”. Members of the two competing families would need to attempt to guess the most common answers from the survey samples, aiming to seize the ultimate victory.

How does this benefit your brand?

  • Mass Appeal: This fun and entertaining gameshow appeals to audiences of different demographics and background, an attractive space for heightened brand exposure.

Channel: Astro AEC | CH. 306

Date: 20 January – 14 February 2024

Pricing Category: x12

Genre: Variety Game Show


8. Classic Golden Melody Singing Competition 2024

It is never too late to pursue your singing passion. At Astro’s Classic Golden Melody Singing Competition (CGM), the sky is the limit as it offers the best platform for all aspiring singers to showcase their talent! For the past 23 years, this competition has upheld the spirit of “Age is not an issue” and inspired middle to golden aged contestants to never give up in pursuing their dreams of singing.

How does this benefit your brand?

  • Top Chinese Entertainment Programme with 23 years of Glory: The show has grown from strength to strength for the past 23 years and became one of the biggest Malaysia’s household names, dominating more than half of Astro’s Chinese viewers.
  • Branded Entertainment with IP extension: An ever-evolving content from TV to on-ground events and exclusive brand integration, and more opportunities for your brand to shine together with the show.
  • Multi-talented Contestants: Harness on the power of our talented contestants with huge following across Southeast Asia.

Channel: Astro AEC | CH. 306

Date: September – December 2024

Pricing Category: x10, x13 (Finale)

Genre: Singing Competition


9. Liga Malaysia

Liga Malaysia (Liga M) is not just another football league, it's a platform that can help boost your brand's coverage and reach new audiences. With a packed schedule from February to December, including Perlawanan Sumbangsih, Liga Super, Piala FA, and Piala Malaysia, Liga M offers a plethora of opportunities for brands to engage with a large and passionate fan base.

How does this benefit your brand?

  • Local Is Big: With the potential to surpass global football fanfares, Liga M can captivate local eyeballs and increase your brand exposure.
  • Close to the hearts of home-ground supporters: Perlawanan Sumbangsih (JDT vs TER) earned 2.4 mil unique viewers, mainly consisting of home state supporters. Liga Super garnered an average of 1.6 mil and Piala FA gained 1 mil monthly unique viewers. Piala Malaysia reached 1.7 mil monthly unique fans
    • (Source: Kantar DTAM, Total Individuals, Universe: 15,534K, Average Monthly Reach, Period: 2023)
  • Bring the community together without breaking budget: Use your marketing budget effectively to engage a broad range of demographics and levels of fandoms in unique and dynamic ways through our variety of content, i.e. supporting programmes, news, talk shows, social media and interactive games/competitions, extending beyond live matches.

Channel: Astro Arena Bola | CH. 803

Date: May 2024 – April 2025

Pricing Category: Starting from x12

Genre: Malaysia Local Football


10. AFF Mitsubishi Electric Cup 2024

Organised by the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF), this biennial football competition is constested by young footballers across Southeast Asia to compete on an international level. It is one of the most watched football tournaments in the region.

How does this benefit your brand?

  • Hailed as the World Cup of Southeast Asia: The most prestige cup in SEA where > 4.86 mil of Malaysians tuned in to watch live. More than 2.9 mil Malaysians tuned in live when Malaysia played against Thailand at the semi-final in 2022.
  • Capture different eyeballs: All LIVE matches are on Astro Arena, OD, Astro Go and sooka. Engage with the Malaysians fans from diverse demographics who share the love for football.

Channel: Astro Arena | CH. 801

Date: November – December 2024

Pricing Category: Starting from x7

Genre: Football


11. Badminton World Federation (BWF) Tournaments

The 2024 BWF tournaments are the overall badminton circuit organised by the Badminton World Federation (BWF). Together with crowned champions, Chen Tang Jie and Toh Ee Wei (Winner of Taipei Open 2023), Aaron-Wooi Yik (World Championship 2022), Lee Zii Jia (Winner of Badminton Asia Championship 2022) and Pearly Tan and Thinnah (newly crowned French Open Champion) to lead Malaysia's badminton team to smashing wins LIVE all the way to the finals.

How does this benefit your brand?

  • Malaysians Love Badminton: Consistently achieving high TV Reach, potentially soaring to an impressive 4.9 mil LIVE viewers per tournament with the last Thomas & Uber Cup captured 4.9 mil live viewers.
  • Exposure to Major Tournaments: Branding opportunities in Malaysian favourite tournaments - Grade 1 Major Event x 1 , Level 1 World Tour Series x 1, Super 1000 Series x 4, Super 750 Series x 2 & Super 500 Series x 1

Channel: Astro SuperSport | CH. 811

Date: January – December 2024

Pricing Category: x7

Genre: Badminton


12. Sepak Takraw League (STL)

In the upcoming 10th season of Sepak Takraw League (STL), there will be 3 tournaments featured for 3-months long. The STL Division will feature 10 teams competing for the Champion title, with the top 2 teams vying for promotion to the Premier League.

In the STL Premier League, 10 teams with star players from Thailand, Indonesia and more will be playing at their highest level through a series of 93 matches across 8 weeks. The Champion Cups will feature 5 teams from the Premier League and 5 International Teams with a total of 24 matches. Adding international flavour with English commentary provided in the coverage, this is befitting of such an international spectacle for Sepak Takraw.

How does this benefit your brand?

  • Targeting Malay grassroot followers: Reaching a total of 4 mil viewers on TV, 2.6 mil in title views on Astro GO, bolstered with a massive following on social media (a total of 24.6 mil views on STL content across TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook).
    • (Source: Kantar Media DTAM, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and Internal Analytics, 2023)
  • High interest game: Setting high standards where the top 5 teams from Premier League will be competing with 5 national competitive teams (Thailand, Indonesia and more) at an international level.

Channel: Astro Arena | CH. 801

Date: August – November 2024

Pricing Category: x10

Genre: Sepak Takraw


13. Netball Super League (NSL)

The Netball Super League, often referred as NSL, is a professional netball league based in Malaysia. Established by the Malaysian Netball Association and Astro Arena to develop and grow the sport in Malaysia. The Johor Jewels won the 2023 edition of the sooka Netball Super League (NSL) after overcoming defending champions KL Wildcats 47-43 in the final at the Juara Stadium in Kuala Lumpur. 2024 will be the fourth edition of NSL.

How does this benefit your brand?

  • Targeting Malay female grassroot followers: Reaching a total of 2.3 mil LIVE viewers and millions of grassroot fans through other platforms.
    • (Source: Kantar Media DTAM)
  • A local community-level tournament: An opportunity to connect with the local state community.

Channel: Astro Arena | CH. 801

Date: December 2024 – January 2025

Pricing Category: x8

Genre: Netball


14. Premier League

Premier League, the top tier of English football offers brands a unique opportunity to reach millions of fans annually. The league’s iconic Super 6 clubs namely Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur have massive global fanbases who are passionate about all things football. 

How does this benefit your brand?

  • Most Watched Football League in the World: Premier League has an average of 1.05 Mil Malaysians watched LIVE every month with an average time view of 68.4 mins. The Super 6 Teams Vs Super 6 Teams (Super 6 Clubs: Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur) garnered 3.08 Mil LIVE viewers.
  • Full 380 Premier League Live Matches: Exclusive broadcast for all 380 matches, full season for fanatics English football supporters to watch LIVE from TV, Astro GO to VOD and sooka.

Channel: Astro SuperSport | CH. 811

Date: 12 August 2023 – 19 May 2024

Pricing Category: Starting from x8

Genre: English Football  


15. The Chosen One S2

A spin-off from the original Big Stage, this reality-based singing competition is back and it’s going to be bigger than ever! This programme targets at 30 younger talents with a strong social media presence scouted from TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and other digital platforms, who will later undergo blind auditions to fare as each celebrity coach’s duet partner.

How does this benefit your brand?

1. Specially created for young Malay audiences: Contestants (Amateur / Viral kids) aged 7-18 are sought from social media - Tik Tok, Instagram, and YouTube who have a strong follower base and social media presence. They will be partnering with well-known professional singers/celebrities.

2. Duo pairing format: The first time ever in a singing competition whereby professional singers/celebrities are paired with young children in a team to win.

Channel: Astro Ceria | CH. 611

Date: September - November 2024

Pricing Category: x5

Genre: Kids Reality Singing


16. Legenda Puteri Qaseh S2

Bringing you the latest series from the Legendary Fantasy Franchise – ‘Legenda Puteri Qaseh’ is back for Season 2 with a strong lineup of casts appealing to all race and ages from kids to parents. Picking up the storyline from the last season, this miniseries continues to follow the journey of Puteri Qaseh, who is now a crowned royal with the duty to protect her people. What new adventures await her next?

How does this benefit your brand?

  • Strong Followers of Legenda Puteri Series: The past Legenda Puteri series has gained a strong following and has been a smashing hit favourite amongst the kids.
    • Legenda Puteri Bulan achieved the highest 945k reach with highest ratings of 582k on Astro Ceria.
    • Legenda Puteri Felora achieved the highest 992k reach with highest ratings of 557k on Astro Ceria.

Channel: Astro Ceria | CH. 611

Date: July – September 2024

Pricing Category: x5

Genre: Family and Kids


17. Hikayat

A revamped of the classic series, the Hikayat franchise breathes life into our local folklore, fables and fairytales that Malaysians loved and grew up with. These classic tales passed down by generations encapsulates the values and traditions of our Malaysian culture. We learn early lessons in life from these wise folklore tales painted with colourful characters. This year, Astro Ceria continues to keep our stories live through the Hikayat franchise that blends local fairytale and fantasy elements. 

How does this benefit your brand?

  • Connect with the audiences through local classics: An opportunity to weave your brands into these local stories that resonates deeply with Mass Malaysian parents and kids.
  • Educating the kids with well-known local stories: Folktales can be used to help kids study Malaysia's cultural traditions, model positive kids character traits, learn about the consequences of decision making, and instil strong moral values.

Channel: Astro Ceria | CH. 611

Date: December 2024 – February 2025

Pricing Category: x5

Genre: Family and Kids

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