Nov 28,2023

The QUEEN of News

“The QUEEN of News”, the highly anticipated anniversary drama series produced by TVB, sets the story in the intense and competitive world of news reporting. The storyline delves into the challenges faced by journalists, their dedication to uncover the truth, and the conflicts that arise in their personal and professional lives. Themes such as journalistic integrity, ethical dilemmas and the pressures of the media industry are explored throughout the series.

Man Wai-sum (Charmaine Sheh) hit the big time and attained the status of the Queen of News as she covered some hardened criminal case many years ago. She rivals against Leung King-yan (Kenneth Ma), another prominent prime time anchor and the leader of an opposing camp to Wai-sum’s. While infighting persists, Wai-sum eventually joins the management team, which frees up her prestigious anchor position with three popular candidates to take up the baton: Cheung Ka-yin (Selena Lee) who stays away from power struggle and only wants to be a good journalist; Hui Sze-ching (Samantha Ko) who uses her pretty face and figure to get promoted, and Tsui Hiu-mei (Regina Ho), Wai-sum’s trusted aide. Wai-sum wants to implement reforms, but the two-faced Chief Director Yu Ying-fei (Eric Tang) gets in her way. Moreover, the lady group boss Fong Law Lai-sheung (Mimi Kung) engages in secret manipulation as she does not want any one of them to be dominant, leaving Wai-sum to overcome more hurdles.

Potential TV reach: 1 million

(Source : Kantar Media DTAM, Chinese 4+ Universe: 2.4 Mil, Average among all drama titles @ 8:30pm & 9:30pm Jul-Sep 2023)

How does this drama benefit your brand?

1. The pulse-pounding TVB Anniversary Drama of 2023: The Queen returns - Charmaine Sheh makes a stunning comeback in this new TVB drama after a 7-year hiatus! As one of the highly acclaimed actresses of the decade, Charmaine’s outstanding performance would bring guaranteed viewership to the series, a great chance for your brand to ride on the wave of her popularity and captivate her fans.

2. Strong award-winning cast: This drama is led by the incredible duo, Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) who’ve won Best Actress in 2014 TVB Anniversary Award (1.1Mil IG followers) and Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Best Actor from 2019 TVB Anniversary Award (349K IG followers). Supported by outstanding casts, Selena Lee (李施嬅) (797K IG followers) was Best Actress from 2019 TVB Anniversary Award and Shaun Tam (譚俊彥) won Best Actor from 2021 TVB Anniversary Award. With an impressive lineup like this, not only it enhances the quality of the drama, but also your brands can unlock this opportunity for increased exposure by reaching affluent Chinese audiences.

3. Offers a mix of intrigue, romance, and complex character dynamics: Revolving around the intense and competitive world of news reporting, the drama brings viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions, scandalous revelations, and an unrivalled performance that will keep the TVB fans glued to the screens!

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Channel: Astro AOD | CH. 311 & TVB Jade | CH. 310

Date: 20 November - 22 December 2023 | Every Monday to Friday

Time: 8:30pm - 9:30pm

Total Episodes: 26

Pricing Category: Astro AOD (x13), TVB Jade (x8)




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