Oct 24,2023

The Masked Singer Malaysia Season 4

The Masked Singer Malaysia returns for its electrifying 4th season, now airing on Sundays! In this season, 15 contestants will be vying for a champion by using their voices to charm the audience and a panel of celebrity judges who will be scrutinizing their performances meticulously. 

Every week, the suspense intensifies as contestants will face eliminations, culminating in a dramatic revelation of their true identities as they unmask. There will only be one undisputed champion of Season 4.

How does this benefit your brand?

1. Mass Audience Appeal: This show has proven its success in attracting a mass audience with a strong viewership, enabling advertisers to boost brand visibility.

  • Potential TV reach of 4.7 Mil viewers (peak ratings at 999K) + On Demand views at 576K + Astro GO views at 463K

2. Plenty of Integration Opportunities: An abundance of opportunities for advertisers to creatively integrate and associate their products or services into the show. 

  • TV Integrations – Advertisers can associate their brands within the show via branded capsules, branded challenges, or even custom-themed episodes.
  • On-ground Integrations – Whether it’s product placement on the judges table or brands’ logo displayed on the contestants’ route to enter the stage, multiple touchpoints are available for advertisers to integrate their brands within the show and live audiences.

3. Audience Engagement: The show offers opportunities for advertisers to engage with the audience, thus creating a unique and personalised brand experience for the viewers.

  • Interactive Voting – Engage the audience via interactive campaigns by encouraging viewers to vote for their favourite contestants. 
  • Social Media Engagement – There will be a video clip released every week as a clue for the viewers to guess the contestants’ identity before the performance, creating high levels of audience engagement and generating social media buzz. Advertisers can leverage on this opportunity to create marketing campaigns with an actively engaged audience.

Branding Opportunities

TV Weekly Capsules

  • Opening & Closing Credit
  • TVC spots before/after capsule

TV Weekly Main Show

  • Opening & Closing Credit
  • Breaker in / Out
  • In-show TVC
  • Introduction Slider After Montage
  • Logo loop at juries area
  • Logo loop on LED screen at the tunnel when the contestants enter / exit from the stage
  • Lower 3rd banner
  • Host Mention
  • In-show Product Integration /Placements
  • POSM branded items exposure in the weekly show
  • Branded Promo (10 weeks)


  • Extension on Gempak Live+ and social media

YouTube Sponsorship

Astro Addressable Advertising

  • Precise Audience Advertising 

Channel: Astro Warna | CH. 107

Date: 17 Dec 2023 – 18 Feb 2024 | Every Sunday

Time: 9:00pm

Total Episodes: 10

Pricing Category: x10

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