Oct 24,2023

Syurga Itu Bukan Mudah

Belum tayang tapi sudah trending, Anna Jobling bimbang jangkaan peminat terhadap Syurga Itu Bukan Mudah”
AIN NORMAN, mStar, 23 September 2023

“Dengan wajah nakal tapi masih nampak naifnya, Diva percaya, Amir akan lama lagi dalam radar populariti.”
Ahad Diva, KOSMO!, 24 September 2023

Before it even graces the screen, “Syurga Itu Bukan Mudah” is already making waves. Now, let’s uncover the drama. Starring popular actors Anna Jobling and rising star Amir Ahnaf, this latest Megadrama narrates the story of our female protagonist, Aileen, and the challenges she faces in her marriage. Aileen met her husband, Farid, the CEO of his family’s hotel, through her mother. But not long after their marriage, Aileen learns that Farid is not the man whom she thought he was, and their marriage begins to fall apart.

Determined to climb the social ladder in an elite association that he joined, Farid uses the guise of his CEO status to engage in illegal activities, such as providing prostitution services and distributing drugs in his hotel. Moreover, he cheats on Aileen and uses drugs on her to satisfy his own lust. Traumatised and depressed, Aileen tries to find a way out, but will she succeed?

How does this drama benefit your brand? 

1. Trending on social media even before its premiere: The hashtag #syurgaitubukanmudah has already garnered 16.3 mil views on TikTok, to date! With the social attention that its getting, now’s the chance for your brand to ride on this drama’s hype and boost your brand’s visibility. 

2. Breakout Stars in the Leading Roles: Featuring a highly popular cast, Projek: High Council breakout star Amir Ahnaf and Anna Jobling, best known as Melur in Melur Untuk Firdaus. Both first discovered through Astro’s homegrown talent competitions Dewi Remaja and Hero Remaja, are now pairing up on screen! Tap into their devoted fanbase to reach a wider audience. 

3. Cross-platform exposure: Not only airing on Astro Ria’s Key Signature belt, but it’s also on sooka, this Megadrama is set to captivate the local eyeballs of all ages and demographics, especially the Malaynials.

Branding Opportunities


  • Opening & Closing Credits 
  • Branded Promo
  • In-show TVC

Astro Addressable Advertising

  • Precise Audience Targeting  

Channel: Astro Ria | CH. 104 

Date: 4 December 2023 – 4 January 2024 | Every Monday to Thursday

Time: 10pm – 11pm

Total Episodes: 20

Pricing Category: x15

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