Oct 10,2023

Romeo And His Butterfly Lover

Celebrity couple, Moses & Aimee Chan to star in this new star-crossed lovers drama series where East & West merge in an epic romance that combines Romeo & Juliet and The Butterfly Lovers. Joining the casts are Joman Chiang, Kayan Yau, Kalok Chow, Elena Kong, Judy Kwong, Lam King Ching, Felix Ng and more. 

The two feuding families, Law and Zhu have been fighting for more than hundred years. The Zhu family is in the pharmaceutical business, while the Law family is in the arms business. They are located in Haibei and Tiannan where both is separated by a border, and no one is allowed to cross beyond the allowed distance. 
Romeo (Kalok Chow) met Juliet (Kayan Yau) by chance, and both fell in love at the first sight and decided to go against their families by staying together. Liang Shanbo (Moses Chan) loves Zhu Yingtai (Aimee Chan); but due to difference in status they are unable to be together. Will Romeo and Juliet sacrifice their families for their love? And will Shanbo and Yingtai pursue their love despite their differences? 
How Does This Drama Benefit Your Brand?
1. First time TVB husband and wife collaboration. The well-known TVB celebrity couple, THREE-time Best Actor Moses Chan and his wife Aimee Chan first drama collaboration after 10 years. It is Aimee’s first TV comeback after her marriage. 
2. Adaptation of the World's most famous love stories. Romeo and Juliet is one of the most famous love stories in world of literature where as The Butterfly Lovers is a tragic love folktale which transcends barriers like family and societal expectations that's been passed down for hundreds of years in Chinese history.
Branding Opportunities:


  • Opening & Closing Credits
  • Branded Promo
  • In-show Side Banner
  • In-show TVC


  • Branded Frame
  • Branded Advertorial
  • Social Media Postings

Channel: Astro AOD | CH. 311 & TVB Jade | CH. 310

Date: 16 October – 17 November, 2023 | Every Monday - Friday

Time: 8:30pm - 9:30pm

Total Episodes: 25

Pricing Category: Astro AOD (x13), TVB Jade (x8)



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