Sep 15,2023

2024 Upfront Offer ft. TV IP Sponsorship

Here's a sneak peek of what's coming in 2024! We have a slew of new content as well as our upgraded signatures designed to captivate audiences of all kinds. From gripping Malaysian dramas and exhilarating variety shows to thrilling sporting events and more, anticipating to draw in millions of engaged viewers. What sets our content apart is the strong emotional connection built around the universal content of themes have highly resonated with audiences, making our content an effective ecosystem for exciting new branding opportunities and creating lasting brand recall. 

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2024 TV IPs Highlights

Target: All Audience

1. Innovathon S2

A reality programme to find the best innovators who can pitch their innovative ideas to win the heart of prominent juries; Minister of Economy, Minister of MOSTI and Fazura. Which innovative ideas will capture the interest of 100 consumer juries, win the main prize of RM100,000 and an investment grant up to RM1 million?

Channel: Astro Ria | CH. 104, Astro AEC | CH. 306, Vinmeen HD | CH. 202, SOOKA and Astro GO 

Date: April - September, 2024 (TBC)

Total Episodes: 8 (60 minutes)

Target: Malay Audience

1. [NEW] RARA Drama: Takdir Itu Milik Aku           

This new drama follows the life of Dian Zara, a simple girl who is tricked into marrying Zarif Adha, where his sole purpose is to have a child for him to strengthen his inheritance of the family's fortune. What seems like a fairy tale marriage turns into a living nightmare inside the mansion.

Genre: Drama Series

Channel: Astro Ria | CH. 104           

Date: 26 February - 2 May, 2024      

Total Episodes: 40 (60 minutes)


2. [NEW] Hardest Singing Show   

Malaysian vocal powerhouses will take on new challenges as they will need to perform challenging gimmicks inspired by iconic stage performances while maintaining their vocal dynamics.         

Genre: Singing Competition    

Channel: Astro Ria | CH. 104

Date: 11 August - 29 September, 2024          

Total Episodes: 8 (2 hours weekly to 2.5 hours on grand finale)


3. [NEW] Megadrama: Call My Agent!      

A naïve girl who was abandoned as a baby starts working at a prestigious talent agency to follow her father’s footsteps. At the same time, the talent managers are scrambling to keep their star clients happy, and their business afloat – after an unexpected setback.         

Genre: Comedy Drama Series

Channel: Astro Ria | CH. 104             

Date: Q2, 2024 (TBC)

Total Episodes: 16 (60 minutes)


4. [NEW] Movie: Keluang Man  

A psychiatric patient becomes the hero vigilante - KELUANG MAN after his past comes back to haunt him and he is out to seek revenge.​ This iconic Malaysian character will be making a huge comeback with a new modern twist! 

Genre: Action Comedy Superhero Movie         

Date: 2025     

Total Duration: 2 hours


5. [NEW] Movie: The Experts       

10 years ago, Malaysia witnessed its biggest criminal heist ever when Subang Airport was hit by a group known as the ‘Mamak Gang’. After disappearing with RM20 million worth of gold bullion, the gang’s leader Sharif forced his siblings into retirement. When Sharif’s youngest brother Khairul gets his life threatened by the vicious yet elusive Jaafar, the Mamak Gang is forced to come out of retirement – their job is to infiltrate a hotel filled with Malaysia’s most dangerous gangsters and steal the leader’s most prized treasure.         

Genre: Action, Heist Movie             

Date: Q2, 2024             

Total Duration: 2 hours


6. [NEW] Project: Exit (Astro Originals)    

After her failed suicide attempt, the depressed teenager girl is sent to a prison school, where she grows close to a boy with Bipolar Disorder, forcing her to re-evaluate and find ways out to end her suffering.      

Genre: Teen, Coming-of-age Drama     

Channel: Astro Premier | CH. 410

Date: Q3, 2024 (Script development in progress, tentative to shoot by February, 2024)   

Total Episodes: 6 (60 minutes)


7. Travelawak: Projek Bapak Bapak S2        

A comedy reality travel programme that brings together Datuk Ramli MS, Datuk Jalaludin Hassan, Roy Azman dan Jatt Ali. They go down under to Australia where hilarity ensues as they search for new experiences to fit into the local culture. All four of them will undergo various fun challenges and tasks with their candid reactions captured throughout the trip. 

Genre: Comedy Reality Travelogue         

Channel: Astro Warna | CH. 107   

Date: November, 2023 - January, 2024 

Total Episodes: 10 (60 minutes)


8. Sepahtu Live Show & Tour         

A brand-new season of the well-loved stage comedy will be headed on tour to meet and greet their fans. The nation's most popular Sepahtu troupe - Jep, Rahim, Pak Ya and Ebby Yus will be performing real-life comedy, unscripted, spontaneous, and entertaining sketches with new comedy topics every week.   

Genre: Live Stage Comedy Show    

Channel: Astro Warna | CH. 107

Date: October, 2024 - January, 2025 (Live Show)

          February, 2025 (Tour)           

Total Episodes: 12 (60 minutes, Live Show)

                          2 (60 minutes, Tour)


9. Family Feud Malaysia   

Experience the MOST entertaining game show 'Family Feud Malaysia', which pits the two families in a trivia competition based on survey responses from real people. 

Genre: Game Show       

Channel: Astro Ria | CH. 104

Date: 10 April, 2024 - 28 January, 2025          

Total Episodes: 26 (30 minutes)


10. Gegar Vaganza 

Hailed as one of Astro’s biggest Malay IPs, Gegar Vaganza has all the elements of entertainment at its best. From top Malaysian hosts; legendary Malaysian singer contestants; prominent judges and juries; and not forgetting, a LIVE studio audience like no other, which makes it our No. 1 Singing Reality Show.

Genre: Singing Reality Competition     

Channel: Astro Ria | CH. 104       

Date: 8 December, 2024 - 23 February, 2025 

Total Episodes: 12 (2 hours - 3 hours)

Click here to find out more. 


11. The Masked Singer Malaysia 4   

Global hit franchise that trended across 50 countries came to Malaysia and is now celebrating its 4th season. Celebrity contestants hiding under elaborate costumes with full-face masks to conceal their identities sees viewers only listen to their pure and talented voices.      

Genre: Mystery Singing Competition     

Channel: Astro Warna | CH. 107     

Date: December, 2023 - February, 2024

Total Episodes: 10 (episode 1 & 10, 2.5 hour & episode 2 - 9, 2 hours)


Target: Chinese Audience

1. [NEW] CNY Drama: The Hidden Dragon

A timid, young man - Zhang Zhi Ming got kidnapped, only to discover that his deceased brother, Zhang Zhi Hui had faked his own death to protect him. The two brothers rekindled their bonds and protected each other as they are trained to be assassins to face political conspiracies.​             

Genre: Drama 

Channel: Astro AEC | CH. 306

Date: 26 January - 24 February, 2024      

Total Episodes: 4 episodes (1 hour) & Final episode (2 hours) 


2. [NEW] Family Feud CNY Special           

This CNY special edition is adapted from the global international hit game show, Family Feud. It will feature two groups of celebrity families (4 on each team) where the winning team with the most correct answers will win cash and prizes. All contestants will give the most popular answers to each question on the game leaderboard. 

Genre: CNY Game Show            

Channel: Astro AEC | CH. 306         

Date: 13 January - 3 February, 2024 | Saturday, Weekly show

          10 February - 13 February, 2024 | Saturday - Tuesday, Daily show 

Total Episodes: 8 (30 minutes)


3. [NEW] Happy Lucky     

Take a look at your fortune guide to prosperity for the year 2024 as foretold by renowned Feng Shui masters from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia including Master Mak Ling Ling with a line up of celebrity guests.​           

Genre: CNY Feng Shui

Channel: Astro AEC | CH. 306

Date: January - February, 2024     

Total Episodes: 4 (60 minutes)


4. Astro CGM Concert        

A concert to emphasise prosperity and happiness during multi-generational family reunions. Enhancing the atmosphere of New Year's reunions through songs and sing-along - this is a nationwide karaoke extravaganza. It is a Lunar Chinese New Year gift from Astro to the Chinese community.

Genre: Variety Singing         

Channel: Astro AEC |  CH. 306

Date: 10 February, 2024          

Total Episode: 1 (90 minutes) 


5. Astro Classic Golden Melody Singing Competition 2024  

It is never too late to pursue your singing passion. At Astro Classic Golden Melody Singing Competition (CGM), the sky is the limit as it offers the best platform for all aspiring singers to showcase their talent! For the past 22 years, this competition has upheld the spirit of “Age is not an issue”. It has inspired middle to golden aged contestants to never give up in pursuing their dreams of singing.         

Genre: Singing Competition      

Channel: Astro AEC | CH. 306         

Date: Q3 to Q4, 2024         

Total Episodes:  Episode 1-13 (1.5 hours)

                          Episode 14 (2.5 hours)

6. The Sandbox S3

The Sandbox (known as 投吧!合伙人) is a Mandarin-speaking television series that will provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to be coached by business mentors and present their ideas to a panel of investors. This Chinese-centric Malaysian equity crowdfunding platform will send the participants to learn about business model canvassing, equity allocation, company valuation, and pitching skills.     

Genre: Crowdfunding Business Competition

Channel: Astro AEC | CH. 306             

Date: Q4, 2024      

Total Episodes: 7 (60 minutes) 

7. Prime Talk         

This primetime news programme delivers the latest in current affairs, international top stories & human interest, with input from professionals in the field.           

Genre: News   

Channel: Astro AEC | CH. 306

Time: 8:00pm - 8:30pm | Monday - Sunday

8. Evening Edition

Catch the latest local & international news headlines as depicted in major newspaper & magazines, each from a range of different perspectives.  

Genre: News

Channel: Astro AEC | CH. 306

Date: 10:30pm - 11:00pm | Monday - Friday

9. TVB Dramas      

Our TVB Dramas comes with a strong, intriguing story lines along with line up of award-winning casts. All new genres and FRESH spins to look forward at every month! Don't miss your opportunity to leverage on our content and STAR POWER to reach your Chinese audiences!

Genre: Drama Series

Channel:  Astro AOD | CH. 311 & TVB Jade | CH. 310

Total Episodes: Ranging from 20 - 30 episodes (60 minutes)

10. Feng Shui Voyage 2024 

Dato' Joey Yap is the founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, he will share his Feng Shui tips and invaluable insights together with renowned host, Chui Ling to usher you and your family on this upcoming year of Dragon! Do not miss the opportunity to find out what year 2024 has in store for you. 

Genre: CNY Feng Shui

Channel: TVB Jade | CH. 310         

Date: January - February, 2024    

Total Episodes: 6 (30 minutes) 

11. Maria's Auspicious Menu 8        

Award-winning celebrity chef, Maria Cordero returns for another brand new year of scrumptious Chinese New Year recipes. She and her invited celebrity friends will be creating a dazzling array of festive CNY dishes for Malaysian audiences. Don’t miss this tasty chance for your brand to be featured with her recipes.             

Genre: CNY Cooking

Channel: TVB Jade | CH. 310

Date: January - February, 2024    

Total Episodes: 6 (30 minutes)

Target: Indian Audience

1. Big Stage Tamil

Big Stage Tamil is back this year with Season 2. This captivating show from the Big Stage franchise is designed specifically for the Tamil audience, creating a platform for aspiring singers in Malaysia to showcase their talents and paying tribute to legendary Tamil Movie composers.       

Genre: Reality-based Singing Competition   

Channel: Astro Vinmeen HD | CH. 202

Date: 4th December 2023 – 7th February 2024

Total Episodes: 16 (90 minutes / episode I Auditions Highlight: 60 minutes, Prelude: 30 minutes) 

Find out more here

2. Family Feud Malaysia Tamil     

This Tamil edition is adapted from the global international hit game show, Family Feud. It will feature two families (4 on each team) where the winning team with the most correct answers will win cash and prizes.              

Genre: Game Show       

Channel: Astro Vinmeen HD | CH. 202       

Date: Q2/Q3 2024 

Total Episodes: 30 minutes

Click here to find out more. 

3. Saravedi Night  

A hilarity-filled live local Tamil infotainment talk show, ‘Saravedi Night with Aanantha & Uthaya’ features current local and international updates; interviews, performances and games with a variety of upcoming and popular local and international talents; jamming sessions and more.       

Genre: Talk Show         

Channel: Astro Vaanavil | CH. 201   

Date: On-going | Every Monday - Friday

Time: 9:00pm - 10:00pm (60 minutes)

Click here to find out more. 

4.  Ulagam Awards

Ulagam Awards is the highest recognition for Malaysian Indian artists who have contributed significantly to content creation and media production in both local and internationally, covering a vibrant creative scene. This event serves to pay tribute to the exemplary individuals who have displayed unparalleled excellence in the domains of television, radio, digital and theatre. 

Genre: Awards Show   

Channel: Astro Vinmeen HD | CH. 202

Date: Q4, 2024        

Total Episode: 1 (2.5 hours)      

Click here to find out more.

Target: Interest - News

1. AWANI 745       

Astro AWANI's signature prime time news bulletin, brings bold and impartial coverage on the biggest news of the day, latest stories & updates from Malaysia and the rest of the world. ​        

Genre: News             

Channel: Astro AWANI | CH. 501

Date: On-going | Monday - Sunday

Time: 7:45pm-8:30pm 

Target: Interest - Sports

1. 2023-2024 Best of English Football         

Premier League

Premier League, the top tier of English football offers brands a unique opportunity to reach millions of fans annually. The league’s iconic Super 6 clubs namely Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur have massive global fanbases who are passionate about all things football.

Date: 12 August 2023 - 19 May 2024 (38 weeks)

Total Matches: 380 Live Matches

FA Cup

The Football Association Challenge Cup, more commonly known as the FA Cup is an annual knockout football competition in men's domestic English football. First played during the 1871–72 season. The competition is open to all eligible clubs down to Level 9 of the English football league system with Level 10 clubs acting as stand-ins, including 20 professional clubs in the Premier League (level 1), 72 professional clubs in the English Football League (levels 2 to 4), and all clubs in steps 1-5 of the National League System (levels 5 to 9).

Channel: Astro SuperSport 

Date: 4 November, 2023 – 25 May, 2024

Total Matches: 7 Live Matches

The FA Community Shield

The Football Association Community Shield (formerly known as the Charity Shield) is an annual English football match held at Wembley Stadium. It features the champions of the previous Premier League season and the holders of the FA Cup. If the Premier League champions also won the FA Cup, then the runners-up of the league provide the opposition.

Date: 4 August 2024 (1 day)

Total Match: 1 Live Match

Genre: Football             

Channel: Astro SuperSport / Astro SuperSport 2 / Astro SuperSport 3 / Astro SuperSport 4 | CH.811 / 812 / 813 / 814, ASSP UHD | CH. 805, SOOKA and Astro GO

Find out more here

2. 2024 BWF Key Tournaments     

The 2024 BWF tournaments is the overall badminton circuit organised by the Badminton World Federation (BWF). Together with Lee Zii Jia (Winner of Badminton Asia Championship 2022), French Open Champion 2022, Pearly Tan and Thinnah and 2022 World Badminton Championships, Aaron Chia and Soh Wooi Yik to lead Malaysia's badminton team to smashing wins. 

Genre: Badminton

Channel: Astro SuperSport 3 / Astro SuperSport 4 | CH. 813, SOOKA and Astro GO

Date: 9 January - 15 December, 2024

3. Netball Super League    

The Netball Super League, often referred as NSL, is a professional netball league based in Malaysia. Established by the Malaysian Netball Association and Astro Arena to develop and grow the sport in Malaysia. The Johor Jewels won the second edition of the sooka Netball Super League (NSL) after overcoming defending champions KL Wildcats 50-40 in the final at the Juara Stadium in Kuala Lumpur. This year 2023 will be the third edition of NSL.      

Genre: Netball

Channel: Astro Arena / Astro Arena 2 | CH. 801 / 802, SOOKA and Astro GO

Date: 13 October - 5 November, 2023            

Total Live Matches: 32 (90 mins)

Check out more information here

Target: Family and Kids

1. [NEW] Cerita Hikayat (Pak Belalang & Bawang Putih, Bawang Merah)

From the earliest days of childhood, we have been captivated by stories of myths, fables and parables that are a part of our Malaysia culture. We learn early lessons in life from these wise folklore tales painted with colourful characters. This year, Astro Ceria will bring the two most popular folklore stories to life in a franchise that will surely entertain both kids and parents alike.

Hikayat Bawang Merah Bawang Putih

A popular traditional Malay and Indonesian folklore involving two siblings with opposite characters (one good, one bad), and an unjust stepmother. The folktale has the similar theme and message as the Cinderella folktale.

Hikayat Pak Belalang

This folklore tells the story of the work loathing Pak Belalang and his quick witted son. Pak Belalang conspires to portray himself as an astrologer in an attempt to help out his fellow villagers leading him to the royal palace to help solve a robbery, but situation turns complicated as their lies began to unravel. 

Genre: Family and Kids     

Channel: Astro Ceria | CH. 611, Astro GO and On Demand         

Date: 20 November, 2023 - 8 December, 2024           

Total Episodes: 8 (30 minutes) 

Click here to find out more.

2. [NEW] The Chosen One

Reality-based singing competition programme, The Chosen One is a spin-off of the original Big Stage, targeting 30 younger talents with a strong social media presence scouted from TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and other digital platforms. Partnered up with well-known professional singers/celebrities in the music industry at the initial round, these 30 young talents undergo blind auditions to fare as each coach's duet partner.  

Genre: Kids Reality Singing             

Channel: Astro Ceria | CH. 611, Astro Prima | CH. 105, Astro GO and On Demand        

Date: 6 September - 25 October, 2023     

Total Episodes: 8 (60 minutes) 

Click here to find out more. 

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