Aug 24,2023

Hero Dewi Remaja 2023

Hero & Dewi talents and personalities search by Nu Ideaktiv's magazine, Majalah Remaja is the platform to strengthen one's presence and credibility as an influencer, entertainer and a substantial icon aspiring young boys and girls aged 18-25 years from all walks of life. In this upcoming life-changing opportunity filled with high adrenaline, intense challenges, emotional roller coasters - who has the best self-confidence, communication, model to represent each brand? Who will be crowned as the Hero & Dewi Remaja 2023?

How Does Hero Dewi Remaja 2023 Benefit Your Brand?

1. Well-known, established competition. Started in 1990, this show has been changing lives of the young boys and girls, promising them a guaranteed future. 

2. Produced superstars. Most of the successful contestants from this search competition have become popular actors, hosts and businessman in entertainment industry, namely Fattah Amin (2011/2012); Alif Muhaimin (2017/2018), Nadhir Nasar (2019/2020),  Mierul Aiman (2021/2022), Scha Al-Yahya (2005/2006), Neelofa (2009/2010), Shaza Bae (2018/2019) and more. 

Branding Opportunities: 


Audition Capsules

  • In-show Opening & Closing Credits
  • In-show TVC spots

Episodic Capsules

  • In-show Opening & Closing Credits
  • In-show TVC spots

Weekly Classes Diaries

  • In-show Opening & Closing Credits
  • In-show TVC spots
  • In-show Sponsor's branding / product integration
  • Dedicated area for interview
  • In-show Lower Third Banner
  • In-show End Credit Logo

Main Show

  • In-show Opening & Closing Credits
  • In-show Breaker in & Out
  • In-show TVC Spots
  • In-show Sponsor's Branding / Product Integration Trigger
  • POSM branded item exposure at weekly challenge venue
  • In-show Credit Mention during weekly challenge and the finale
  • In-show End Credit Logo

Sponsor's Awards Presenting (Finale)

  • Themed Mini Challenge
  • In-show Credit Mention
  • In-show Lower Third Banner
  • Post Congratulatory Promo

Channel: Astro Ria | CH. 104 

Date: 11 November - 30 December, 2023 | Every Saturday

Time: 9:00pm

Total Episodes: 8 (7 Recorded + 1 Finale LIVE)

Pricing Category: x13

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