Jul 26,2023

Narcotics Heroes

In the neon-lit streets of Hong Kong, a hidden underworld thrives. A decade ago, the Narcotics Bureau captured the notorious Drug Lord, Man Wah (Moses Chan) but at a great cost. Undercover officer Ip Ho-tin (Edwin Siu) was injected with a massive dose of drugs, leaving him emotionless. Now, as the Drug Lord battles cancer and is released from prison, he secretly orchestrates online drug dealing and money laundering from his upstairs bookstore with the help of his old love Cheung Lam (Nancy Wu) and Tsui On-lok (Matthew Ho). When a police officer goes missing, Ho-tin is brought back to the Narcotics Bureau to join forces with his ex-girlfriend Ting Yeuk-ning (Kelly Cheung). A new "war on drugs" erupts, shaking Hong Kong to its core. 


How Does This Drama Benefit Your Brand?

1. Strong stars line up. Consists of multi award-winning casts; three-time Best Actor Moses Chan, Best Actress Nancy Wu, Edwin Siu, Kelly Cheung, Matthew Ho and many more! An opportunity for brands to ride the wave of multi-star power and keep audiences glued to their screens.

2. High-level production - a joint collaboration between TVBI and China Youku. Brace yourself for a gripping viewing experience with the stellar-level production of this high-energy, action-packed, and start-studded crime-thriller drama. Taking you deep into the underbelly of a drugs cartel, the iconic villain (Moses Chan) facing his ultimate reckoning, and the undercover cop (Edwin Siu) grappling with his own emotional void in a compelling storyline, prepare for an adrenaline-fueled battle of wits and strength that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


Target Audience

Chinese 4+


Branding Opportunities:


  • Opening & Closing Credits
  • Branded Promo
  • In-show Side Banner
  • In-show TVC


  • Branded Frame
  • Branded Advertorial
  • Social Media Postings


Channel: Astro AOD | CH. 311 & TVB Jade | CH. 310

Date: 31 Jul 2023 – 8 Sep 2023 | Every Monday - Friday

Time: 8:30pm - 9:30pm

Total Episodes: 30

Pricing Category: Astro AOD (x13), TVB Jade (x8)

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