Jul 12,2023


JIWA SME is a multimode event that aims to be a conduit to drive national conversations pertaining to entrepreneurship & innovation. It is a platform that facilitates the exchange of knowledge and strategies to accelerate businesses to the next level. The upcoming event will be a 1-stop event especially for SMEs, industry players and public to come together to gain knowledge, network and have fun in a carnival-like atmosphere.

More than 1,500 people attended the recent JIWA SME event on 13-15 Jan 2023, boasting a remarkable lineup of 20 dynamic booths. JIWA SME stole the limelight, captivating SME community through an unforgettable live experience.

How Does This Event Benefit Your Brand?

1. Malaysia's Most Trusted News Brand. Be seen on Astro AWANI, a balanced yet critical approach to news.

2. The SME Powerhouse that supercharges business success. Connects directly to SMEs and start-ups owners by providing knowledge and solutions from industry watchers, from strategists to academics, forecasting future trends and the potential of the digitally driven economy.

3. Scale Up. This coming event, Astro AWANI is taking the JIWA SME brand out of studio to the masses. Majority of the inspirational SME digitalisation stories reside beyond Klang Valley so bridging urban and suburban communities is the next logical step to elevate the entrepreneurial discourse. A road tour around 4 zones in Malaysia, with the aim to deepen the relationship and support towards local businesses. The final stop of the road tour will serve as the grand finale in Kuala Lumpur.

Branding Opportunities


  • In-show Opening & Closing credit
  • In-show Studio Interview Segment -
  • In-show Lower Third Banner
  • Event Promo
  • News Coverage of the 4 x Roadshow in AWANI 7:45  (with In-show Lower Third Banner & Host Mention)
  • Post Event Video


  • Recorded Interview Capsule
  • Live Liners
  • Instagram Story
  • Tik Tok Post / Facebook Post


  • Event Page
  • Leaderboard
  • EDM with client's logo
  • Live stream of the on-ground event on Facebook
  • Facebook Post
  • Instagram Post
  • AWANIByte+ Vertical Video
  • SYOK Podcast

Addressable Advertising

  • Precise Audience Targeting


  • 4 x Roadshow & 1 x Main Event
  • On-ground booth
  • Entrance Arch with sponsor's logo
  • Backdrop with sponsor's logo
  • Host mention on stage
  • Client's TVC / on-screen branding on stage
  • On-stage activity / speaker talk

JIWA SME 2023 - Roadshow (2 days event per location)

  • 22 - 23 July, 2023: Sabah (Imago Sabah Mall)
  • 15 - 16 September, 2023: Kelantan (AEON Mall Kota Bahru)
  • 26 - 27 August, 2023: Johor (AEON Tebrau Mall) 
  • 21 - 22 October, 2023: Penang (AEON Bukit Mertajam Mall)

JIWA SME 2023 - Main Event (3 days on-ground event)

  • 24 - 26 November, 2023: Kuala Lumpur (Venue TBC)

Channel: Astro AWANI | CH. 501 



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