Jul 04,2023

Liga Malaysia 2023 x Exclusive Content

There are many ways to ride on the Liga Malaysia fanaticism from Live matches; content elevation on TV and Digital; as well as Live engagement with fans. Astro Arena has an undeniably engaging line up of activities and a variety of content for your brands to engage with the fans socially, beyond the field through their preferred media outlet.

This includes being seen on Astro Arena's YouTube, a Live Training Session, Wishlist Fans Access, Live Fans Experience and more. All activities and content are curated specifically based on their interests and cravings for football madness. 

  • Nadi Bola Sidang Media & Latihan Pasukan. Live press conference featuring the team manager and coaches with training coverage for the home team. This show will be aired live at 4:30pm, a day before any match day of Liga Super Malaysia.
  • Live Pre-Match Warm Up. Covering both teams' arrival and a short interview with the managers and all team members who are warming up before the actual match.
  • Botak Terjah Stadium. Abang Botak attends Liga Malaysia 2023 matches and provides key football updates by showcasing the fanaticism perspective from the football fans themselves.
  • Wishlist Fans access, Fans Experience #ForFansOnly. Granting wishes for Liga Malaysia football fans to meet and hang out with their favourite team and players.
  • Pemain Eksklusif. A special face to face interview short capsule on the Liga Malaysia football player at his home, talking about his plans, struggles and personal life. 
  • Astro Arena YouTube: 100% SOV Domination on all Liga Malaysia content on Astro Arena YouTube with more than 1.07 Mil subscribers.  

How Does This Benefit Your Brand? 

1. Content Marketing. Opportunities for various interactive content to drive engagement from on-ground to digital.   

2. Be Where the Fans are. Customisable activation for Your Brands to engage the fans.

3. Own 100% SOV on Astro Arena YouTube. Own the digital space and extend your reach beyond TV with special curated premium Liga Malaysia content.     

Branding Opportunities


  • Spot Buy
  • In-show branding and product integration

On-Ground Activation

  • Branding and product placement


  • 100% SOV on Astro Arena YouTube

And much more.... 


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