May 19,2023

The Chosen One

Reality-based singing competition programme, The Chosen One, is a spin-off of the original Big Stage, targeting 30 younger talents with a strong social media presence scouted from TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and other digital platforms. Partnered up with well-known professional singers/celebrities in the music industry at the initial round, these 30 young talents undergo blind auditions to fare as each coach's duet partner. 

The format mechanics:

Closed Audition (10 June – 24 June) 

  • To find the TOP 30 potential contestants
  • Scouting is mostly done via social media

Finalize TOP 16 (29 June)

  • 8 coaches will shortlist their FAV 3 contestants out of the 30 candidates
  • The outcome of the session is to finalize the TOP 16 potential contestants
  • The TOP 16 will advance to Prelude Episodes

Prelude Episodes (7 & 14 August)

  • There will be 2 prelude episodes
  • Each episode will see 4 coaches with 2 contestants performing via a blind symphony performance, but only 1 will be chosen by each celebrity

Weekly Episodes (21 August - 25 September)

  • 8 celebrities partner up with their viral sensation young talent to compete for 6 weeks

How Does This Drama Benefit Your Brand?

1. Specially created for young Malay audiences. Contestants (Amateur / Viral kids) aged 7-18 are sought from social media - Tik Tok, Instagram, and YouTube who have a strong follower base and social media presence. They will be partnering with well-known professional singers/celebrities such as Amir Masdi, Aisah Retno, Usop, Syamel, Ernie Zakri, Shila Amzah, Shiha Zikir, Iman Troye, Andi Bernadee (all aged between aged 15-35 years old in the music industry). 

2. Duo pairing format. The first time ever in a singing competition whereby professional singers/celebrities are paired with young children in a team to win. #BerduaLebihBaik

3. Strong line-up of hosts and juries. Hosts, Zizan Razak teams together with Alif Satar along with Jihan Muse, Ziana Zain and Misha Omar (TBC)  as permanent juries and Datuk Ramli MS as Atuk Kapla/ Head Coach.

Branding Opportunities


  • In-show Opening & Closing Credits
  • In-show TVC
  • In-show Breaker In & Out
  • In-show Lower Third Banner
  • In-show Product / Brand Integration and Placement
  • In-show Host Mention
  • In-show End Credit Logo
  • Branded Promo

Sponsorship on MeleTOP's Sponsor's Segment


  • 10 sec host mention
  • 10 sec lower third banner


  • Radio Commercials on Era and Sinar


  • Instagram video post on MeleTOP (edited from MeleTOP Sponsored Segment)
  • InstaStory post on MeleTOP
  • YouTube upload (edited from MeleTOP Sponsored Segment) on MeleTOP

Social Media

  • Instagram Post on Astro Ceria, Astro Gempak, ERA and Sinar
  • Facebook Post on Astro Ceria, Astro Gempak, ERA and Sinar
  • Instagram Stories on Astro Ceria, Astro Gempak, ERA and Sinar
  • TikTok Post on Astro Ceria

Channel: Astro Ceria | CH. 611, Astro Prima | CH. 105, Astro GO and On Demand

Date: 6 September - 25 October, 2023 | Every Wednesday

Time: 9:00pm - 10:00pm

Total Episodes: 8 Episodes

Category Pricing : x5


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