Apr 18,2023

Super Nabil

Super Nabil is an animated superhero series featuring Malaysia's top celebrity host, Nabil Ahmad as the main character. This 2D sci-fiction animation series depicts the story of a young Nabil, his friends, and his superpower cat teaming up to win a competition against their long rivals and take home the prize for their families. The concept of this animation follows the background of Nabil's village 'Kampung Kayu Ara' at Negeri Sembilan. The names and characters in this animated series are inspired by Nabil’s childhood life.

How can animated series help your brand stand out?

1. First in Malaysia. Nabil Ahmad is the first comedian celebrity host in Malaysia who has an animated superhero series based on himself. It also features his cat, which possesses a superhero power, similar to Doraemon and Nobita. The idea for this series was created by Nabil Ahmad himself.

2. Strong episodic storylines. Written based on Nabil's own childhood experiences, the series emphasises on his relationship with his friends and his pet cat, depicting wholesome values suitable for young audiences. 

Branding Opportunities


  • In-show Opening & Closing Credits
  • In-show TVC
  • In-show Lower Third Banner
  • In-show Product Integration or Placement
  • Branded Promo

TV Sponsorship on MeleTOP's Sponsor's Segment

  • 10 sec host mention
  • 10 sec lower third banner


  • Radio Commercial on ERA


  • Instagram video post on MeleTOP (edited from MeleTOP Sponsored Segment)
  • InstaStory post on MeleTOP YouTube upload (edited from MeleTOP Sponsored Segment) on MeleTOP
  • Instagram Post (1 image/video) on Astro Ceria
  • Facebook Post on Astro Ceria
  • YouTube upload on Astro Ceria

Channel: Astro Ceria | CH. 611, Astro GO and On Demand

Date: 25 August - 15 September, 2023 | Every Friday

Time: 3:00 - 3:30pm (7 mins per episode)

Total Episodes: 12

Category Pricing: x8


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