Apr 11,2023

Travel with Mommy

Unusual travel duo, Jason Yeoh and Jack Lim alongside both their mums are set to visit some of the greatest travel destinations together. Join them as they explore new destinations, try out exotic food, dance in the rain, hunt for soul-searching getaways and many more. Four of them will travel to diverse destinations allowing them to spend quality time together, reconnect with family and experience new cultures and places.

How Does This Show Benefit Your Brand?

1. Celebrating Parents Day. We have paired this amazing duo with their mums to showcase their impeccable bond that is relatable to most of our target audience ranging from family, parents and young adults. These heart-warming trips will be a perfect chance for brands to dive into a programme that builds a long lasting impression.

2. Double the Host, Double the Power. Fronted by our popular home-grown celebs, Jason Yeoh & Jack Lim who have strong popularity fan bases in Malaysia. Both are multi-talented stars that will be on the same screen, creating unusual and dynamic travelling scenes. 

3. Nationwide Travelogue with BIG Exposure. Traveling to a plethora of destinations requires them to start preparing from home so they can be on the road, stay in amazing locations and eat their way through great food choices. Each episode consists of multiple elements and scenes where branding opportunities can ride on seamlessly.

Branding Opportunities:


  • In-show Opening & Closing Credits
  • In-show Slider Breaker In and Out
  • In-show TVC
  • In-show Product Integration / Placement
  • Branded Promo


  • Social Media Posting
  • Display Ads

Channel: Astro AEC | CH. 306

Date: 14 May - 16 July, 2023 | Sunday

Time: 9:30pm - 10:30pm

Total Episodes: 10 (60 minutes)​

Pricing Category: x9

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