Apr 11,2023

Speakers of Law

The drama is set in a law firm centered around Kam Bing-shun aka Gam Si Ye (Kenneth Ma) who is a legal professional who mentors and grooms next-generation lawyers. However, he was thrown behind the bars and later, he had no choice but to become a Legal Executive. With his diplomatic and tactful approach, Bing-shun managed to build his own brand, Gam Si Ye aka Advisor Kam. The law firm where Adviser Kam works is facing the prospect of closing down and he uses his network to overcome the situation.

He was then recruited by lawyers Tin Yau-ka (Rosina Lam) and Yu Kwok-tung (Stephen Wong) to join their team. He later teams up with Ma Wai-hung (Jonathan Cheung), a lawyer and both of them form strongest CP (couple) in solving all complex cases. Even though Adviser Kam has the full support of his three buddies, he still has no advantage in the courtroom. Will his team continue to share the success with him and remain the key person that his team relies on? 

How Does This Drama Benefit Your Brand?

1. Multi-talented, award-winning casts. Malaysians' favourite TVB actor Kenneth Ma is back with a lead role alongside Rosina Lam and more. This is an opportunity for your brand to tap onto their star power to reach Chinese audiences.

2. Hard-hitting interrogations and exciting plot-twists. Based on real-life events and a well-researched script with a fascinating fictional story line, this new legal drama strives for justice in every nerve-wracking case that will keep the audience entertained in its own way. 

Branding Opportunities:


  • Opening & Closing Credits
  • Branded Promo
  • In-show Side Banner
  • In-show TVC


  • Branded Frame
  • Branded Advertorial
  • Social Media Postings

Channel: Astro AOD | CH. 311 & TVB Jade | CH. 310

Date: 10 April – 12 May, 2023 | Every Monday - Friday

Time: 9:30pm - 10:30pm

Total Episodes: 25

Pricing Category: Astro AOD (x13), TVB Jade (x8)

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