Mar 14,2023

Panas Talk

Panas Talk is a talk show where nothing is off-limits. Hosted by the charming and quick-witted, Vikadakavi Magen, this show will deep dive into the personal lives of celebrities and famous influencers. Hot topics ranging from love and work to dark secrets, Vikadakavi will ask tough and direct questions. With his charisma and smooth demeanour, he will make his guests spill and share their secrets.

Besides studio interviews, there will be a video playback recording from the public and fans asking their questions to the invited guests. There will also be a dedicated email for the audience to ask questions and leave comments which will be answered by Vikadakavi on Astro Ulagam online platforms.

Celebrities and influencers that will join the show are BGW, Ben G / Gana, Moon Nila, Sheezay, Denes Kumar, Sangeetha, Panda Boi, Harvinth Skin, Havoc Brothers, Kesavan and Pashini, Saint, Ram, Gayatri Moorthy, Vimala Perumal, Nanthini Balakrishnan, Jokey, YuvenRaj, Vignes Perabu, Sheezay and many more.

How Does This Talk Show Benefit Your Brand?

1. A new sensational Indian talk show. A fiery talk show with a renowned personality in the Malaysian Indian music industry, Vikadakavi Magen (IG Followers: 151K).

2. Targeting the young audience. Fresh and urban approach to target primary young viewers (aged 16 - 35) of the Indian community.

3. Flexibility. The talk show is open for sponsorships with product placement opportunities (subject to confirmation at the time of production). 

4. Extended campaign. Uncut versions and additional content (15 minutes of exclusive digital content on each episode) will be aired on Astro Ulagam. In addition, there will be a special Ulagam LIVE with Vikadakavi after the 3rd episode. Brands have the opportunity to extend exposure digitally on Astro Ulagam's website and social media (2.5mil followers).

5. Extensive promotion. Multiple versions of reels and episodic promos will be curated on Astro Ulagam's official TikTok (438.6K Followers, 10.2M Likes). Vikadakavi will also feature a 1-minute song as part of the promotion on digital space. 

Branding Opportunities: 

TV Sponsorship

  • In-show Opening & Closing credit
  • In-show TVC
  • In-show Lower 3rd banner
  • In-show Host Mention
  • In-show Product Integration /Placements
  • Promo tag-on

TV Spot Buy Package


  • Extension to Astro Ulagam website and social media

Channel: Astro Vinmeen HD | CH. 202

Date: 5 May - 28 July, 2023 | Every Friday

Time: 9:00pm - 9:30pm

Total Episodes: 13 episodes + 1 Episode on The Making Of

Pricing Category: x8

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