Feb 16,2023

Saravedi Night

A hilarious and live local Tamil infotainment talk show, ‘Saravedi Night with Aanantha & Uthaya’ features the latest local and international updates, interviews, performances, jamming sessions, games with a variety of upcoming and popular local and international talents and many more. Audiences will participate in fun, interactive games such as rapid-fire questions, surveys, puzzles and more to win exciting prizes. The talk show will also showcase short videos on topics such as health and lifestyle, medical technology, tech skills, fashion, startup businesses, community, home decoration, dance and many more.

There will be a total of 9x weekly segments and 3x weekday features to cover the topics above. 

5 Weekly Segments

 1. Bimbilikki Pillapi. Saravedi Night food reviewers will hunt down the popular restaurants or stalls and try out the dishes for the audience! This segment helps to promote the food, restaurant or stall that is located in Klang Valley and entice the audience to give it a try as well. Opportunity: Open to restaurant or food product owners. TX: Every Monday

2. Stylelu Style Thaan. This segment is all about women, men and family affairs. We give you all the tips and tricks covering fashion, lifestyle, empowerment, health, family and many more. Opportunity: Open to beauty or lifestyle category clients. TX: Every Tuesday

3. My Savvy Ulagam. This segment is all about technology, sports and social media with a focus on infotainment while exploring all the trendy, viral hacks and tips. TX: Every Wednesday

4. Arinthathu Arinthathu. This segment serves as a consultation on major topics of Health, Education, Finances, Law & Order. We will have either a lawyer, a doctor or an educator to talk on the topic segment with serious discussion. TX: Every Thursday

5. Oo Solriya Oo Oo Solriya. This fun vox pop segment will make you think and your heart tinkle with answers! Host Vikneswari will go out on the street, asking the public simple questions just to hear the darndest answers! TX: Every Friday

2 Weekday Features

1. Ponmagal Vandhal. Viewers need to answer questions asked by Aanatha and Uthaya. If they answer it correctly within 10 seconds, they will win the amount / gold gram of the day. The prize value will snowball until the next day if the answer is incorrect. TX: Monday - Friday

2. Kandupudi. Viewers must guess the movie from an image or a scene featured correctly within 10 seconds. Prizes will be given for the fastest, correct answer. In event of no correct answer, there will be no winner for the day. TX: Monday - Friday

This is a fun-filled year-long Infotainment talk show to entertain the Mass Indian community with a core audience from the younger generation (16 - 35 years old) every Monday to Friday. 

How Does This Talk Show Benefit Your Brand?

1. Renowned local talents and favourite duo among the local Indian community. Featuring Uthaya (FB: 225K Followers,  IG: 165K Followers) and Aanantha (FB: 146K Followers IG: 142K Followers). Dubbed as Makkal Nayagan by the Raaga HQ, Uthaya is one of RAAGA’s longest-standing announcers while Aanantha, a well-known multi-talented artist (Radio presenter, singer, actor, host, voice-over artist, musician, dancer, stand up comic) in the Malaysian Indian arena.

2. A hilarious talk show with fresh content every weekday. Touches on various topics relevant to the local Indian community.

3. Flexibility. The format can be either LIVE or recorded. (Average monthly reach: 388,000 viewers).

4. Category and product relevancy for brands to embark on. Brands have the option of segment or feature sponsorship based on the relevancy to weave brands or product messages to create an impact on Indian viewers.

Branding Opportunities: 


Segment Sponsorship

  • In-show Slide Breaker In or Out
  • In-show TVC
  • Host Mention
  • In-show Product Integration or Placements in a subtle manner
  • Segment promo tag-on

Feature Sponsorship

  • Slide Breaker In or Out
  • In-show TVC
  • Host Mention
  • Feature promo tag-on
  • Digital extension on Astro Ulagam social media posting

TV Spot Buy Package


Channel: Astro Vaanavil | CH. 201

Date: ongoing | Every Monday - Friday

Time: 9:00pm - 10:00pm

Pricing Category: x4.5


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