Jan 16,2023

Akira Khan

A Pakistani mixed girl goes against her culturally conservative family to get back with her husband whom she marries in secret.​

Akira, a mixed Pakistani-Malay girl visited Terengganu to celebrate her cousin’s engagement where she met Raden and fell in love at the first sight even though she knew that her mother has arranged her marriage with Zafar whom she regards as her brother. Both of them went for a stroll at an island nearby but bad weather got them stranded there. Having strong feelings for each other, they end up spending the night together that night. Out of responsibility, Raden decided to marry Akira but on the condition that no one can know about their marriage. Both of them agreed that if Akira is pregnant, they will continue to stay married but if Akira is not pregnant, they proceed with a divorce.

Liyana, Raden’s ex girlfriend, returns home with intention to win Raden back but Raden's heart is with his wife, Akira. As Raden and Akira's relationship is about to restart, Akira has to return to Pakistan as her grandfather had passed away. Raden promises Akira that he will go to Pakistan and explain to Akira’s family about the truth but he met with an accident, causing him to lose his memory. While in Pakistan, Akira thinks Raden had forgotten about her and is back with Liyana. Akira decided to return to Malaysia to end her relationship with Raden. ​

Why this Drama is Fit for Your Brand?

1. Astro Ria, Key Signature Belt: Home of the Malay signature entertainment that offers a variety of local programmes ranging from reality shows, fun game shows to drama series. 

2.  Another drama from the famed power couple Kamal Adli + Uqasha Senrose. Real life couple bringing the screen to life. 

3. Opportunities for client: A brand can serve as the protagonist's strongest ally and enable the story to unfold. Through the character's journey there is great potential for product integration, including skincare, nutritional products, cosmetics and etc.

Branding opportunities: 


  • In-show Opening & Closing Credits
  • In-show TVC
  • Addressable Advertising
  • Cross Channel Branded Promos


  • Launch and Sustenance Extension at Gempak / Bam Bam Studio
    - i.e. Drama Spin Off / Drama Engagement Content

Channel: Astro Ria l CH.104 

Date: 18 January - 7 March, 2023 | Monday - Thursday 

Time: 10:00pm - 11:00pm

Total episodes: 28

Pricing Category: x15

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