Nov 21,2022


The story of a woman called Jesnita who strives to achieve her goal of entering high society by marrying the wrong man. She thought she made it by marrying Zaid, the son of a rich family. When Zaid's mismanagement of the company almost leads to him to bankruptcy, Jesnita shifted her attention to Zaid's new partner; Rafael. She then leaves Zaid and marries Rafael but takes a wrong turn when she discovers that she is his second wife. Her former mother-in-law; Shafinaz, is also out to destroy Jesnita and Rafael for hurting her son, Zaid.

How Does This Drama Benefit Your Brand?

1. A similar adaptation from The Penthouse, one of the top rated South Korean dramas in 2022. Deep diving into the lives of a social-climber with seduction, betrayal, jealously and success at its core. Touching on the current, real life topics of polygamy (which is a Mass mainstay) and family-marriage issues/KRT (Kisah Rumah Tangga).

The recent KRT (Kisah Rumah Tangga) drama "Dendam Seorang Isteri" attracted 5.2mil viewers and it has been garnering lot of buzz on real time searches. (Source: Kantar Media DTAM, Malay 4+, Base: 9.9 Mil; Period: Mar-Jul 2022). 

2. Strong female casts. Featuring strong female leads such as Intan Najuwa as Jestina will be bringing great potential for product integration from skincare, nutritional products, cosmetics, household products and more.

3. Established and well-known script writer. Sharifah Kirana is well-known and a prolific family drama writer. 

Branding Opportunities:


  • In-show Opening & Closing Credits
  • In-show TVC
  • In-show Product Integration /Placements
  • Branded Promo


  • Digital Extensions in Gempak - Gempak Chopp

Channel: Astro Prima | CH. 105

Date: 7 November  – 30 December, 2022 | Every Monday- Friday

Time: 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Total Episodes: 40

Pricing Category: x14



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