Nov 07,2022

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Viewing Party

This upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, Astro will be providing fans who are unable to attend the match with a unique and exciting opportunity to experience all the action and atmosphere of one of the world’s greatest sporting spectacles outside the stadium. This public viewing party allows brands to ride the wave with the world's biggest sporting event to turn different sports fan groups into their own brand ambassadors. Be part of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ history now!


How does a Viewing Party benefit your brand? 

1. Build your own brand fandom. Join hands with Astro to host the biggest sporting event in the world by socialising with football fans. Create an exclusive shared experience through shared belonging, converting them to your own brand ambassadors to enable word-of-mouth. 

2. Sports Legends and Sports Influencers. Riding on Sports legends and influencers with large social networks whom everyday consumers look up to for information or advices, uniting the brand's bonding with the community . 

3. Small Packages with Big Impact. You can start to build your own fanbase with small spot buy packages from as low as RM60,000 to the elevated SYOK ERAvaganza Party.  


Official FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Viewing Party

  • Quarter Finals 
    Date: 10 & 11 December, 2022 (Match Night on 10 December, 2022 @ 11:00pm)

    Venue: LaLaport, Bukit Bintang City Centre 
  • Final
    Date: 17 & December, 2022 (Match Night on 18 December @ 11:00pm)

    Venue: Lalaport, Bukit Bintang City Centre


And much more....also, do note more venues will be updated from time to time. Stay tuned!

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