Sep 07,2022

One Cent Thief

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Inspired by a true story, ‘One Cent Thief’ is about a young, ambitious banker who desperately needed to cure his ailing father and restore his self-worth. He started stealing 1 cent from other people's bank accounts, little by little, until he became a MILLIONAIRE! Don't miss out on this action packed drama to find out how he got away and performed near perfect, untraceable transactions. 


How Does This Drama Benefit Your Brand? 

1. 1 Cent Thief is Making Headlines Again: Inspired by a true story which made headlines 30 years ago in Malaysia, this cybercrime drama will go in interesting storyline and details on how did the banker managed to get away untraceable.  

2. New Upcoming Actor: Introducing Syafiq Kyle (2.4 Mil IG Followers) as Iman Syah

Branding Opportunities: 


  • In-show Opening & Closing Credits
  • In-show TVC
  • Branded Promo


  • Extension opportunities

Channel: Astro Ria | CH. 104

Date: 8 October - 26 November, 2022 | Every Saturday

Time: 9:00pm - 10:00pm

Total Episodes: 8

Pricing Category: x13


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