Sep 12,2022

Deepavali Specials 2022

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Deepavali marks the triumph of good over evil and, symbolically, light over darkness. A festive celebration by Hindus across Malaysia where families, loved ones and friends reunite, coming together entertaining each other. This year,  Astro Vaanavil, Astro Vinmeen HD, Astro Vellithirai and Astro Ulagam will bring exciting and entertaining content from local and international arena such as premieres from movies, telemovies, variety shows and game shows; as well as concerts to web-series. Viewers can catch all the exciting content on air and on digital. 

2022 Movies (New)

1. Don (Astro Vinmeen HD, 24 October 2022, Time: 2:30pm): A story about a college student experiencing his new life on campus. As he is pursuing his passion in life, he endures a continuous fall out with his disciplinarian professor and needs to prove his eligibility to his father. This romcom movie features Sivakartigeyan, Priyanka Mohan, SJ Surya and Sivaangi.

2. Cobra (Astro Vinmeen HD, 24 October, Time: 9:00pm): A mathematician genius, Mathi, has another identity, Cobra, who commits intelligent crimes using math. Cast: Vikram, Srinidhi Shetty, Irfan Pathan, K. S. Ravikumar and Roshan Mathew while Anandaraj, Robo Shankar, Miya George, Mirnalini Ravi and Meenakshi Govindarajan play supporting roles.

3. Viruman (Astro Vinmeen HD, 25 October 2022, Time: 10:30pm): Viruman is a young boy who decided to leave his village after realising his father, Muniyandi, is the reason for his mom`s suicide. Soon their relationship starts slowly drifting apart and whenever they meet, they will argue at the slightest things. Will Viruman forgive his father and mend their relationship again?. Starring Karthi, Aditi Shankar, Rajkiran, Prakash Raj and Soori.


4. Gargi (Astro Vellithirai, 24 October 2022, Time: 9:00pm): The journey of a young school teacher named Gargi to prove her father's innocence with the help of a juvenile advocate who's never even seen the interiors of a court hall. A tension and thrills courtroom movie on how Gargi fights the system to save her father. Will Gargi able to prove her father's innocence? Starring Sai Pallavi and Kaali Venkat. 

5. Moondram Athigaaram (Astro Vaanavil, 25 October 2022, Time: 3:30pm): A sturdy police officer named Ashok and a brainy forensic expert, Kalki teaming up to bring down a serial killer named 'Ruthran' who challenges them. This action thriller starring Haridass, Ravin Rao, Kavitha Thiagarajan, KS Maniam and Hamsni Perumal.

6. Poochandi (Astro Vaanavil, 26 October 2022, Time: 9:00pm): A story about a journalist from India coming to Malaysia for his ghost stories project. He then encounters a frightening supernatural entity that is haunting a group of friends. This is a 2022 Malaysian Tamil-language horror thriller film starring RJ Ramana, Ganesan Manohgaran, Tinesh Sarathi Krishnan, Logan and Hamsni Perumal.


1.Pattas Jodi  (Astro Vinmeen HD, 24 & 25 October 2022, Time: 6:00pm): Sharing the same interest in fast cars, a young couple’s romance blossom without knowing that both their families are neighbours from hell. In order to get blessings for their relationship, they need to strategise few plans to unite their families. A funny romantic adventure to light up the homes for Deepavali this year.

2. Kuttu Pattass (Astro Vinmeen HD, 25 October 2022, Time: 1:30pm): Naveen, a carefree music composer reluctantly agrees to take care of an orphanage center with 12 children when his mother falls ill. During his care, one of the children goes missing. Will he be able to find the missing boy with the help of the other children or will he break his mother’s heart? An inspirational telemovie on hope and love. 

3. Narai Vantha Piragu (Astro Vaanavil, 24 October 2022, Time: 1:30pm): A story about two middle aged men going for an adventure of their lifetime, and experiencing biggest setbacks that will put their friendship to test.

Gameshows / Variety Shows

1. Paramapatham (Astro Vinmeen HD, 25 October 2022, Time: 9:00pm): This a race game based on sheer luck by rolling a dice. Contestants are required to compete multiple tasks, go through grueling punishments and win exciting rewards as they race to climb the ladder based on the dice number. Popular local talents will be in to compete and the person who reach the top of ladder first will win the ultimate Paramapatham Champion title.

2. Badep Vedi (Astro Vinmeen HD, 25 October 2022, Time: 6:00pm): A Deepavali special with the funny man, Joshua Michael and BADEP team.

3. Pipa TV, A Deepavali Special (Astro Vinmeen HD, 29 October 2022, Time: 11:00am): A sketch comedy series that spoofs TV shows, movies, music videos and other pop-culture staples. Celebrity guests will join the cast members to poke fun. 

4. Rasikka Rusikka, A Deepavali Special (Astro Vinmeen HD, 24 October 2022, Time: 4:30pm): Astro's popular gastronomic show is back for a new season with special Deepavali edition. Join the host in the food hunt where they discover hidden gems in Malaysia.

5. Kuttu Pattass Ragalai (Astro Vaanavil, 25 October 2022, Time: 3:00pm): A Deepavali celebration at children orphanage home with Kutty Pattass Cast & Crew.

6. Singapenney Deepavali Special (Astro Vaanavil, 26 October 2022, Time: 2:00pm): A Deepavali variety show with the cast and crew of upcoming Vaanavil Series: Singapenney.


1. Thaikkudam Bridge: Live in Malaysia  (Astro Vinmeen HD, 29 October 2022, Time: 9:00pm): Bringing one of the most versatile rock band from India - Thaikkudam Bridge to entertain home audiences after their sold-out concert in Kuala Lumpur.

2. Naan Pradeep Kumar (Astro Vinmeen HD, 25 October 2022, Time: 12:00pm): Hailed as the “Sold Out in less than 5 minutes since ticket launch!” concert! This Deepavali will showcase this popular, soulful sold-out concert to all the heartbroken music lovers.

3. Amarkala Deepavali 2022 (Astro Vaanavil, 23 October 2022, Time: 10:00pm): An annual, 2.5 hour long Deepavali countdown show comprising star-studded performances by favourite Vasantham and Malaysian personalities.

Cooking Shows

1. Maracurry Mess, A Deepavali Special (Astro Vaanavil, 25 October 2022, Time: 12:30pm)An hour special showcasing delicious vegetarian dishes to inspire home cooks this Deepavali.

2. Oh My Bakery, A Deepavali Special ( Astro Vaanavil, 7 October 2022 onwards, Time: 7:30pm): These weekly Deepavali special episodes showcasing renowned chef whipping up mouth watering baked dishes and decadent desserts. He will also be sharing his top tips and tricks. Hosted by Survivor fame Vanessa Cruz.

3. Deepavali Cooking Capsules (Astro Vaanavil, 1 October 2022 onwards, Time: Run as fillers): A 3-minute cooking segment featuring the best, must try Deepavali delicacies before the main day.

4. Astro Ulagam Original - Kanna Murukku Thinaa Asaiya (Astro Ulagam, 18 - 22 October 2022): In order to escape Deepavali spring cleaning, Tanesh and his uncle lied to their families. The duo's escape lead them to an abandoned mansion, where they soon realized that Lord Krishna with the resident Ghost have plans to teach them an unforgettable lesson. This is a 5 min x 5 episode series starring Vicky Rao and Kuben Mahadevan. 

Branding Opportunities


  • In-show Opening & Closing Credits
  • In-show TVC spots
  • Branded Promo
  • Deepavali Whatsapp Greeting with Branding Opportunities such as Logo exposure, Crawler with client’s messages (max. 12 words)


  • Digital exposures on Branded Advertorial
  • Sponsorship of Astro Ulagam
  • Deepavali Special microsite
  • Social media posting and stories (Facebook & Instagram)


Channel: Astro Vaanavil | CH. 201, Astro Vinmeen HD | CH. 202,  Astro Vellithirai | CH. 203 & Astro Ulagam
Date: 1 - 26 October 2022 


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