Jun 29,2022

The Fabulous

The Fabulous is a new reality show that recognises the young and fabulous generation's achievements. Adopting an observational approach, this variety show will subvert societal labels and break negative stereotypes about the younger generation. This show will unveil their strengths and qualities!

12 candidates are required to use their talents and skills to perform various challenges and tasks. The person who is able complete it the fastest will earn the highest honour of the year. 'Fabulous' is the unique title given to this group of youngsters, as they define themselves as fabulous, young guns who are able learn fast, who refuse to be ordinary, living by the Carpe Diem philosophy and are fearless. 

The objective of this is show is draw in younger audiences by bringing in a pool of the best young talents for Malaysia's most influential reality show. 


How Does This Show Benefit Your Brand? 

1. Providing Brands A Fresh New Start: First of its kind in Malaysia, a brand-new observational reality show.

2. Leveraging on Influential Power of Malaysia's Artistes: Celebrity observers (Jurors) are made up of Malaysia's outstanding artistes. 

3. Making Your Brand Relevant to the Young Market:  Association to 12 enthusiastic and passionate youngsters who are open to opportunity and who want to become the next new and excellent spokesperson.

4. Connecting with Fans: High interaction with fans and audience through voting.


Brand Opportunities: 


  • In-show opening and closing credits
  • In-show TVC Spots
  • In-show product integration
  • In-show supplementary exposures
  • In-show end credits
  • In-show host mention
  • Branded promo
  • Promo tag-on


  • Recorded promo with clients' brand mention


  • SYOK Audience Segment: Pre-roll & Mid-roll Audio


Channel: Astro Shuang Xing | CH.307

Date: 2 July  – 27 August, 2022 (Episode 1-9) | Every Saturday
          3 September, 2022 (Episode 10 - Finale) | Saturday

Time: 8:30pm - 10:00pm (Episode 1-9), 8:30pm - 10:30pm (Episode 10 - Finale)

Total Episodes: 10

Pricing Category: x7





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