Jun 30,2022

Merdeka Shorties Celebration

Over the past few years, many brands have been producing their own Merdeka Short Film Stories. The qualities are commendable, making each of the short film stories one of the most sought after content amongst Malaysians. These short film stories have evolved into powerful patriotic storytelling with intriguing narratives, pushing positivity and serving as a constant reminder on how strong and resilient Malaysians truly are. Each of the stories are truly local and are relatable across all ages and races, touching all Malaysians' hearts. 

These film stories have become apart of our Merdeka celebrations, reminding us of our similarities, embracing our differences and how we are evolving and becoming better together, embracing Malaysia's milestones and progresses. This Merdeka, Astro is launching these short film stories - Merdeka Shorties Celebration in a big way with multiple amplification across all Astro's eco-system.

How Does This Benefit Your Brand?

1. Special series to premier Merdeka Films on Pop Up Channel (CH.100):  A special series of its kind where our hosts from different vernaculars come together to present the latest Merdeka Short Film Stories of the year.

2. Dedicated VOD Catalogue: A dedicated reel on Astro VOD interface to house all Merdeka Short Film Stories.

3. Prelude Prior to shows: Merdeka Short Film Stories will be turned into a prelude show, leading up to our main shows across 15 Astro key channels.

4. Audio version of Merdeka Film: Extend brands' Merdeka messages into an audio format to reach out to 16.4 Mil weekly listeners.


Branding Opportunities:

  • Create conversations on the Top Rated Talk Shows and News Segments
  • Dedicated Feature Belt on Astro VOD 


Channel : Pop Up Channel (Ch.100)

Date : 22 August - 4 September, 2022 (2 weeks)

No. of Episode : 10 

Duration : 10 minutes

Category : x5


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