Jun 29,2022

I'm in Session 2

I’m in Session by Rocketfuel is a “live performance” series on YouTube which started off during MCO period. The viewership increased, with some of the episodes reaching more than 150K views. This year, we will be releasing a brand new, improved second season of “I’m in Session”. Each session will uncover “hidden” locations in Malaysia, where each artiste will be performing (with minimal setup) and showcasing beautiful, scenic location across Malaysia i.e. railroad endings, forests/plantations, mountain top views, cabin cafes, river cruises and many other unique locations.

2 Reasons Why this Content Best Fits your Influencer Marketing Plan: 

  • Featuring 10 Top Tier Artistes: The 10 top tier artistes such as Hael Husaini, Ernie Zakri, Ara Johari, Syamel and many more will be singing LIVE at all the "hidden gems" locations in Malaysia. On top of singing, they will also be sharing their personal stories. 
  • Creative opportunities: Adequate opportunities for product integration, credit mentions on each episode, shot along with the artistes and at the "hidden gems" locations.

Branding Opportunities: 

Rocketfuel Youtube Channnel

  • On-set branding
  • Credit mention by artist
  • Commercial break with clients ad
  • 3 mins Integration across 4 episodes


  • Sponsor segment in Meletop
  • Credit mention by host
  • In-show lower third banner
  • Branded promo


  • Promotion on ERA Digital


  • Instagram video post (edited from MELETOP)
  • Instastory post
  • Youtube upload ERA & Media Hiburan
  • Instagram post
  • Facebook post


  • Instagram post
  • Facebook post
  • YouTube banner
  • Artist instagram post
  • Artist Instastory post

Channel: RocketFuel Network YouTube

Date: September - November 2022 

Time: TBC 

No of Episodes: 10 epi (25 minutes)


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