Apr 16,2022

31st SEA Games HA NOI 2021

MOST ANTICIPATED GAMES IN SOUTHEAST ASIA is happening this May at Ha Noi, Vietnam! The opportunities are here for your brand to associate with this mega-event to build brand equity and drive sales the same time during this 12-day, leveraging on this platform where Malaysians follow, support and celebrate the athletes, reaching millions of people and engage them in interesting and memorable ways.  

  • Venue: HA NOI, Vietnam
  • Date: 12 to 23 May 2022 (12 days – LIVE)
  • 11 Nations, 40 Sporting Events
  • Featuring 526 events across 40 sports (similar to Olympic Games)
  • Vietnam hosting the games for 2nd time since 2003
  • Astro Arena and Astro Arena 2 will host LIVE sporting events and also varieties of supporting programmes leading up and throughout the games.

Potential TV reach: 8.5 million Viewers 

(Source: Kantar Media, Total Individuals (Base: 14.9mil), Period: 25th Nov – 15th Dec 2019)


4 Reasons Why SEA Games is Interesting for Brands?

1. Strong emotional bond between Malaysian fans and brands 

Patriotic emotion binds brands and customers together. As Malaysians look forward to support their favourite national heroes, that's the moment they are switched on and involved, paving the way for greater receptivity to commercials. It will help inspire actions such as drive brand advocacy, demand generation, and build acquisition. 

2. Opportunities to work with influential sports stars 

Athlete's strong credibility within local communities can foster sports fans to be moved by their actions and ultimately, can help lead into brand love! 

Check out our case study video on Pantene Wanita Besi.

3. Sports fandom is more than "entertainment" 

The fan-ship satisfies human need for belonging, by connecting fans to like-minded people. Brands can be a part of this network by providing a platform that enables fans to follow and create conversation around the SEA Games, associating the brand in the spirit of sports. 
An opportunity to create more creative fan engagement beyond the marketing norm. 

Check out our case study video on Coca-Cola and English Premier League. 

 4. Different ways to think about Sports Marketing, leading to one BIG goal 

A combination of one or more channels ensures greater resonance and visibility for consumers, at any budget. 


Want to know more sports marketing insights? Download speaker keynote at the recent Astro Sports Marketing Talk now.

Moving the Needle for your Brand with Sports Marketing by Ashik Ashokan


Branding opportunities


  • Opening & Closing Credits
  • In-show TVC Spots
  • Branded Promo
  • Product Placement & Integration in supporting programmes


  • YouTube Channel Art on Astro Arena / Stadium Astro
  • YouTube Branded Video Thumbnail - Playlist on Astro Arena / Stadium Astro
  • Facebook postings for daily updates
  • Instagram postings for daily updates


  • Display & Video Ads (15 sec Pre-roll and Display Ads)
  • Custom Rail Naming
  • Social Media Postings

Channel: Astro Arena / Astro Arena 2 | CH. 801 / 802, SOOKA and Astro GO

Date: 12 - 23 May, 2022 | Thursday - Monday 

Total Days: 12 days

Pricing Category: LIVE / DELAYED Matches x11

                             Supporting / Ancillary / Official Programmes x6

                             REPEAT Matches x6

                             REPEAT Supporting / Ancillary / Official Programmes x3.5


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