Apr 28,2022

Classic Healthy Family

Focusing on The Golden Classic's (TGC) 3 core values: Enhancement, Entertainment and Togetherness. This 2-min short-form health content is crafted specially TGC target audience aged 40 years and above as encouragement to exercise active lifestyle and also emphasizing the importance of family bonding with older family members. 

2 Reasons Why this Drama is Fit for Your Brand?

1. Targeted Older Audience: For families & parents, aged 40 years and above

2. Opportunities for Clients:  A short, packed with informative 2-minute capsule will provide potential for product integration, including skincare, household, nutritional products, etc. 

Branding Opportunities:


  • In-show Lower Third Banner
  • Sponsor's Tag-on
  • In-show Product Placement & Integration
  • Cutdown episodic content + Sponsor's Tag-on


  • Full Video Facebook Post with client's branding

Channel: Astro AEC | CH.306

TX Date: 13 May – 8 June, 2022 | Friday

TX Day & Time: 7:58pm – 8:00pm

Total Episodes: 9

Pricing Category: x9

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