Apr 04,2022


Astro Originals presents “KUASA”, a drama series about Tan Sri Dhameer and his family, a well known icon in the entertainment industry in Malaysia. Spanning over 35 years, he has built the country's biggest entertainment empire, covering films to investment platforms. His three children, Delilah, Darius and Dharma are fighting to be the sole heir to his empire. Tan Sri Dhameer reminded his children that they need to stand together in order overcome all their enemies. Will he succeed? Will blood be thicker than money?

Casts: Ridzuan Hashim (19K IG Followers), Ning Baizura (332K IG Followers), Darius Nadia Brian (999K IG Followers), Izzy Reef (61K IG Followers)

Director: Kroll Azry (Black Season 1, KL Gangster Underworld Season 2, Pekak)

Producer: Shamin Yusof (Abang Long Fadil 2&3, Munafik, KL Special Force) 

Why is this Drama fit for Your Brand? 

1. Original idea from SKOP production: A highly recognised company known to produce box office films and dramas such as Munafik, the evergreen Gerak Khas Series, and many others.

2. First of its kind series: An exciting new story line never before seen on TV, a family entrenched in a tycoon's rise and status in the Malaysian entertainment industry.

3. Engage with the drama beyond the series: GEMPAK CHOPP offers brands a way to engage with audiences. Gamify the product integrations during the scenes and engage with the characters, for e.g.: create a contest to pick different endings or create a challenge on TikTok where the audience is asked to read their own DSI script, or even skew the question according to the USP of the product.


Branding opportunities: 


  • Opening & Closing Credits
  • In-show TVC


  • Extension Campaigns in GEMPAK
  • Spin-Offs

Channel: Astro Citra l CH.108

Date: 11 April - 30 May, 2022 | Every Monday

Time: 9:00pm - 10:00pm

Total episodes: 8

Pricing Category: x8 (Ramadan Raya Pricing Applicable)




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