Dec 08,2021

TVB Hong Kong Dramas To Anticipate in 2022

The upcoming 2022 TVB Dramas comes with a strong line up of award-winning casts such as Roger Kwok, Kenneth Ma, Ruco Chan, Moses Chan, Natalie Tong and many more. All new genres and FRESH spins! Don't miss your opportunity to leverage on our STAR POWER to reach your Chinese audiences! 

Potential TV reach: 1.0 million

(Source: Kantar Media DTAM, Chinese 4+ Universe: 2.4 Mil, Jun-Jul 2021)

Big White Duel 2 白色强人2

Casts: Roger Kwok, Kenneth Ma, Natalie Tong, Kelly Cheung, Moses Chan, Nancy Wu

The second season following the successful medical drama, Big White Duel II introduces two new characters. Nancy Wu will be getting heads on with Roger Kwok in the political stand for Marshall Paxton Hospital while involved in a love triangle between Kenneth Ma and Natalie Tong. Moses Chan is a new doctor joining the Emergency Unit and also an ex-boyfriend of Kelly Cheng.

Total Episodes: 30

Phantom Operation and Tactic Team 隐形战队

Casts: Kenneth Ma, Natalie Tong, Joel Chan, Tiffany Lau, Moon Lau, Jazz Lam, Elena Kong

Led by Kenneth Ma, the drama is set in the special police force unit "Phantom Operation and Tactic Team" (POTT) to fight counterterrorism. Three years ago, during an operation, Kenneth Ma made a wrong decision, resulting in serious injuries to his colleague. Can both of them mend their friendship and work together again? 

Total Episodes: 30

I’ve Got The Power 超能使者

Casts: Ruco Chan, Joel Chan, Natalie Tong, Grace Wong, Tiffany Lau

Five humans with odd jobs turned into heroes when they suddenly unlocked supernatural powers never possessed before. Each of them have their own special powers such as strength, time controlling and more, which they use to help and seek justice for the people around them.  

Total Episodes: 25

Haunted House Cleaner 凶宅清洁师 (working title)

Casts: Tony Hung, Kelly Fu, Frederick Cheng, Lee Shing-cheong, C Kwan

Tony Hung, Lee Shing-cheong and Fred Cheng are not the ordinary cleaners you are imagining, they are haunted house cleaners. During one of the house "cleaning" sessions, they unearthed secrets from a decade ago and finds out the truth behind the family deaths which are linked to several spirits.

Total Episodes: 12

Hello Missfortune 爱上我的衰神


Casts: Hubert Wu, Erica Chan, Mark Ma, Myanne Mak, Helena Law Lan, Timothy Cheng

The story started when Erica Chan visited another dimension and was assigned to Hubert Wu as her unlucky spirit. Eventually, Erica Chan slowly sympathises with him and soon both develop a love for each other. 

Total Episodes: 10

Brutally Young 2.0 十八年后的终极告白2.0

Casts: Shaun Tam, Katy Kung, Joel Chan, Candice Chiu, Raymond Cho, Zoie Tam, Amber Tang Joel Chan

Following the success of the first season, both the previous cast along with new cast members, Katy Kung and Zoie Tan are starring in this show. More mysteries and confessions to be revealed, starting with an art piece. Even more curated pieces start to reveal new stories, leading to a bitter truth.

Total Episodes: 20

The Spectator 旁观者

Casts: Pakho Chau, Venus Wong, Jinny Ng, Joey Law, Mark Ma, Shiga Lin

Venus Wong aka Madam Yiu is sensitive to sounds, lights, shadows and even the emotions of others. Pakho Chau, portrays a café owner who has good intentions but with a dark side as a vigilante killer. Venus eventually finds out that Pakho Chau is a serial killer with a split personality where he chooses to punish the bad guys in order to attain justice.

Total Episodes: 20

Freedom Memories 青春不要脸

Casts: Dickson Yu, Karl Ting, Tiffany Lau, Joey Thye, Kelly Ng, Kayan Yau

This drama tells about Hong Kong’s TV industry in the 1980s. Several key characters in the drama based are on the real TVB artistes, who have raised to superstars now. The drama revolves about the journey of different young adults on their struggles to become actors and actresses.

Total Episodes: 15

Sutra of Forty-two Chapters 四十二章经 (working title)

Casts: Moses Chan, Katy Kung, Zoie Tam, Kaman Kong, Kalok Chow

University Chinese professor, Moses Chan, was related to Emperor Kangxi in his previous life. He then met with a powerful pork shop owner, Katy Kung. Just like their previous lives, both are strong headed and always arguing. Knowing the epidemic will occur, they found the antidote in the treasure of the Forty-two Chapters, along with Zoie, Kaman and Kalok who will save the world.

Total Episodes: 25

Doppelganger Stranger 双生陌生人 (working title)


Casts: Joe Ma, Roxanne Tong, Alice Chan, Matthew Ho, Winki Lai, Angle Chiang

Joe Ma plays dual roles in this drama. The story started with a myth where a doppelgänger sees his/her other self, which usually means a bad omen. The drama is about a lawyer and a hipster, who are not biologically related but shares the same exact physical appearance. After bumping into each other, their paths continue to intertwine and they eventually swap identities.

Total Episodes: 25

Your Highness The Hooligans 痞子殿下 (working title)

Casts: Kalok Chow, Jeannie Chan, Brian Chu, W, Hugo Ng, Raymond Cho, Jonathan Cheung

The lighthearted comedy is about the life of Kalok Chow, the 4th prince of Bak Sheng Guo but no one cares about him in the palace. Jeannie is a princess from Kor Lian Sheng Guo. During an accident, both of them lost their memories and woke up with new identities in a new country.

Total Episodes: 25

Fell For You 童时爱上你 (working title)

Casts: Samantha Ko, Owen Cheung, Ruco Chan, Kandy Wong, Lenna Yeung

It is about a love story between Samantha Ko, a capable rich girl and KOL, Owen Cheung. Due to an accident, Samantha lost most of her memories, resulting her in an IQ of an 8 year old child. Owen Cheung soon to grow to like this childlike girl. Her childlike innocence also resolves the relationship issues in her family. This drama shares the value of innocence in life.

Total Episodes: 20

OPM (Other People's Money)

Casts: Roxanne Tong, Telford Wong, Ram Chiang, Ben Sir, Bowie Cheung

This drama is all about finance industry stock markets. OPM is an alliance that gathers people who are the victims of the financial fraud across different backgrounds for sole purpose of making money.

Total Episodes: 12

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