Oct 20,2021

Kids' Lives Matter

The story started 21 years ago, one surgery broke the relationship between Fong Chung-yan (Kenneth Ma) and Hui Kam-fung (Kevin Cheng). They part ways after it but reunite at the Princess Anne Hospital due to a transplant surgery.

Fong Chung-yan is a pediatric surgeon at the highly prestigious Princess Anne Hospital while Hui Kam-fung who believes in protecting life above all else works at a second-tier hospital. Chung-yan coaxes Kam-fung into joining his elite team. He also invites his former colleague, cardiothoracic surgeon Cheung Yee-sum (Linda Chung) and Mak Hoi-kei (Catherine Chau), who heads the surgery department to join his team, paving way to build Hong Kong's first pediatric center. 

This medical drama which marks the return of Linda Chung and Kevin Cheng to the small screen is set to pull at the heartstrings of parents as it explores the relationship between heroic doctors and their young patients. 

Potential TV reach: 1.0 million

(Source : Kantar Media DTAM, Chinese 4+ Universe: 2.4 Mil, Jun-Jul 2021)

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Channel: TVB Jade l CH.310 & Astro AOD l CH. 311 

Date: 18 October – 22 November, 2021 l Every Monday – Friday (Pre-emption 1 episode on 19 Nov)

Time: 9:30pm - 10:30pm

Total Episodes: 25

Pricing Category: x8 (TVB Jade) & x13 (Astro AOD)  


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