Mar 16,2022

SME Great Helper S2

Over 90% of business establishments in Malaysia are small and medium enterprises (SMEs). For the past year, SMEs are impacted by the on-going movement restrictions amidst the pandemic. 2021 is still a hard year for SMEs, hence SME Great Helper is coming back for season 2, aiming to bring the positive energy from the first season to help more SMEs embrace new ways of working - based on real-life scenarios of businesses. 

This programme features a wide range of real case studies with SMEs around the nation who are facing difficulties in their business. Host Xiao Ma partners with business professionals in offering solutions that can help turn the tide - or change the game entirely. 

The 13-episode series chronicles the journey of Xiao Ma and various industry professionals beginning from visiting SME owners to learn about their challenges to the final results. Targeted straight into the SMEs heartland.

Branding opportunities


  • In-show Opening and closing credits
  • In-show TVC spots
  • In-show lower third banner
  • TV promo tag-on
  • Branded promo
  • Integration inside programme (invitation of guests as panels / featured case study)
  • End roller credits


  • MELODY SME Capsules with Xiao Ma


  • Snippet Version with client's appearance or branding on Facebook
  • Social media postings and stories (Facebook & Instagram)

Channel: Astro AEC l CH. 306 

Date: 4 June 2022 – 27 August, 2022 l Every Saturday

Time: 11:00pm – 12:00am

Total Episodes: 13

Pricing Category: x9


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