Apr 25,2021

Telur Mata Cup

A community-level tournament that aims to become the most exciting and watchable platform for amateur players to compete in their favourite games. It is a no-pros tournament where active players participating in national pro leagues are not allowed to join. Aimed to be the key platform for the community tournaments. 

Branding opportunities


  • In-Program Branding
  • Sponsor Logo as part of tournament keyart logo (shared)
  • Client Logo: Client logo appearance during the Facebook Live
  • Client Video: 30 secs client video (TVC) triggered during the Facebook Live
  • Brand Mention: 10 secs client's brand mention during the Facebook Live (Caster plugs/on stream)
  • Brand Shout Out: 10 sec sponsor shout out (Sponsor’s / Thank you on stream)
  • Sponsor Highlight: 30 seconds sponsor highlight
  • Branded advertorial + FB to push the article


  • 30 sec Promo with Sponsor’s Tag On (Shared) – eGG Network, Astro Ria & Astro AWANI

Marketing and Promotions

  • Sponsor’s logo on all marketing collaterals
  • Branding and messaging plug in all editorial articles promoting the tournament on eGG Network’s website

Channel: eGG Network Facebook Live 

Date & Time

Registration: 28 May - 7 June, 2021

Qualifying: 12, 13, 19 & 20 June, 2021

Group Stage: 24 - 26 June, 2021 | Thursday - Saturday, 7.45pm - 11.00pm (LIVE on 25 & 26 June on selected matches)

Grand Final: 3 - 4 July, 2021 | Saturday, 2.45pm - 5.25pm,  Sunday, 1.45pm - 6.00pm (LIVE for all matches)


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