Oct 23,2019

Cemburu Seorang Perempuan

Starring leading actors Amar Bahrin, Amyra Rosli and Emma Maembong, this is a tale of a first wife descending into madness after she forced her husband to take on a second wife due to her infertility issues.

Zik is married to Emi, the love of his life. After a miscarriage that causes Emi to be infertile, Emi asked Zik to marry Dhiya, his best friend so she can be the surrogate mother to their children. However, Emi becomes more jealous of her sister wife and starts to turn into a monster planning to get rid of Diya in the most horrible way possible.

Channel:           Astro Ria l CH.104 (HD) & CH.123 (SD)

TX Date:           29 October - 25 November, 2019 l Every Monday - Friday 

TX time:            7.00pm 

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