Feb 23,2023

15 Ad Packages Tailored to Different Business Sizes

In today’s era of streaming and digital viewing, TV advertising continues to be a great choice to boost branding largely due to the persuasive power of the big screen in a brand-safe environment. Audiences' insatiable appetite for entertainment is ever-growing, hence our main objective is to make it easy for marketers to target them effectively regardless of what, when and how they consume content. 

Introducing the latest 2023 TV & Addressable Advertising Packages to cater for brands' different needs, whether emerging or established. With the strategic combination of TV's persuasive power and digital targeting capability, you can now get your brand on TV even with a small budget.  

We’ve curated 15 ad packages by different budget levels to optimise the ad performance, allowing brands to reach the right audiences effectively from as low as RM23,000.

Activate relevant audiences to cater to your campaign objectives:  


All you need is RM23K to reach sports fans at an incredible value across their favourite sports channels. 

GenNext Funtastic 

Tailored to reach children and parents — interweaving fun, captivating content alongside lovable characters. 

Malay Gempak 

Reach the Malay market during prime time across 15 most-watched Malay & Korean channels (67% Prime-time spot placement).   

Chinese Hou Geng Bao 

Get your brand to speak to a diversified Chinese audience of all dialects across 17 Chinese channels from our homegrown production to an international range of content.  

Indian Athiradi 

Get robust exposure with a potential reach of a million Indian TV Viewers and digital extension on Astro Ulagam or Raaga. 

PMEBs Flexi 

Leverage the power of flexible channel selection to take your business to the next level. With access to a wide selection of channels including sports, movies, news and international, you can easily expand your reach and access a larger audience tailoring to your brand needs. 

High Impact All Races, Malay & Chinese 

High campaign visibility at a cost-efficient price point. Optimised your TV plan with High reach & frequency ​(8 spots per day continuously for 30 days) across ​14 prime TV channels with prime-time spots offered at high ROI. ​ 

Addressable Advertising  

It doesn’t stop there! We bring you the next level of TV Advertising by merging the best of TV’s emotional persuasive power with digital targeting capability. Fused with first-party data, your brand message can effectively reach the intended audience, as different ads can be distributed to different households watching the same programme regardless of when, where or how. 

Available in three categories, let’s unlock the 2023 TV & Addressable Advertising Packages at different budgets: 

  • LITE (Packages below RM100K) 
  • STANDARD (Packages between RM100K - 200K)
  • MEGA (Packages above RM200K) 

Check out the 2023 TV & Addressable Advertising Packages here. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to our sales team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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