Nov 30,2022

UNITY Package: An Audience-Based Media Buying

Turning attention into action takes into account of knowing exactly what content people are consuming, what platforms they are consuming it on, what format they are consuming it in, all coming down to one thing: how we can optimise this crucial insight and deliver impactful results across screens or platforms. 

Introducing UNITY, the latest audience-based buying package that provides Addressable Audience Solutions aim at targeting the right audiences driven by accurate and comprehensive data. UNITY utilises first-party subscription data that reflects authenticated audiences and actual viewing behaviours to activate audience-based buying, via a multi-touch campaign across Astro's premium universe in one integrated ad buy. 

UNITY Ad Package enables ad buying with precision, efficiency, and effectiveness to reach potential customers at every stage of the sales funnel in the premium Astro universe across linear TV, addressable TV, digital, connected video, FM radio, audio streaming and social influencers. This means more meaningful and direct response measurement of desired business outcomes through enhanced brand reach and fewer wasted impressions

19 Multi-Touch campaign packages are now available in the market based on 16 most sought-after audience segments: Malay Mass, Malay Young Adults, Malay Newly Weds/Young Families, Malay Families with Kids, Malay Empty Nesters, Chinese Mass, Chinese Gen Z, Chinese Millennials, Chinese Baby Boomers, Indian Mass, B40 Income Group, M40 Income Group, T20 Income Group, Avid Money Minsters, Sports Fans, and House Proud.

How Does This Benefit Your Brand?
1. Superior audience understanding based on First-Party Data & data enriched
2. Unlocking new opportunities or insights​
3. Unified measurement, leveraging unique identifiers 
4. Unrivalled content powerhouse (Award-winning content lineup and evolution into high-quality originals)​
5. Accessing the universe of multi-platform targeting in an audience ecosystem​


Download the full media kit of the UNITY package here.

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