Nov 21,2022

Brand New Indian Entertainment and News Channels

Craving for more Indian entertainment and news content? Get ready for 3 brand new dedicated Indian content, 24 hours a day! Available from 13 October 2022, take your pick at a variety of content genres such as hit movies, comedy clips from films, news, sports, political updates, music shows and more. Available for family, young adults and adults.

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New in Indian

1. SUN NEWS (CH. 215)

    Sun News is a 24 -hour Tamil news featuring news ranging from world, national, regional to local events of Chennai.


2. KTV (CH. 216)

    Offering all time favourite movie collection of Tamil films including Kollywood blockbusters movies.  


3. SUN LIFE (CH. 217)

    A classic channel with Tamil Film Music from the Golden Era.


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