Jul 25,2022

SYOK Weh Carnival 2022

In a time where Malaysians experience one of the most challenging periods in its history, Astro understands the need to uplift Malaysian people's spirits by providing an opportunity to live life to the fullest. 

Together with SYOK, let's create memorable moments with Malaysians and bring the SYOK feeling back to the people with a 2 day on-ground carnival event. With an estimated 50,000 crowd, there will be an abundant of SYOK Giler revenue opportunities that connect Malaysian brands with their fans such as SYOK sales booths, sampling opportunities and more - yes, you can target current and new potential customers. A marketing solution suitable for all  industries - FMCG, telcos, cars, gadgets, groceries even banking, we've got you covered. So come on, let's SYOK! 


How Does This Event Help Your Brand?

1. SYOK Experience: All rounded SYOK experiences from SYOK Podcast, SYOK Radio to SYOK Video. ​

2. SYOK Hiburan: Meeting celebrities, busking performances and concerts for 2 nights! 
How brands get involved: A celebrity can drop by the sponsor booth to offer a special promotion to draw traffic.

3. SYOK Fun: Fun-filled family zone with all sorts of games, meet with your favorite characters and freebies! 
How brands get involved: On-stage game activities.

4. SYOK Makan: Malaysians love their food – here they can savour different types of food & beverages using e-Coupons. 
How brands get involved: A total of 70 booths are up for grabs!

5. SYOK Sales: Offering Malaysians SYOK-ing opportunities to shop for all their daily needs here, all at one location! Brands can leverage this space to sell products with special  pricings, only valid for this event. Malaysians who love a good deal (sales) will not be able to stop talking about this SYOK-ing avenue. 
How brands get involved: A total of 30 booths are open for all brands – FMCG, telcos, cars, gadgets, groceries, banking and more! 


Branding Opportunities: 


  • Recorded Promo
  • Live Liners
  • Integrated Talksets
  • Outside Broadcast on 2 days on-ground event @ Sponsor Booth
  • Feature Credit
  • Event Live Special


  • Sponsor's segment in MeleTop
  • EPG Ad
  • SYOK Carnival Promo with Client's Logo on All Astro Channels
  • Promo tag-on


  • Branded Advertorial
  • Facebook Post
  • Instagram Post
  • Instagram Story
  • Instagram Live
  • SYOK Live - Cover the Concert (Shared mentioned)
  • Interstitial (STO)
  • Content Tile Ad - Promo Page

Date: 24 & 25 September 2022

Time: 10am - 12am

Venue: Dataran Karnival Stadium Shah Alam

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