Jan 03,2022

Twitter + Article to activate social conversations and drive motions

In the world of social media, there are many reasons to make Twitter a part of your brand’s social media plan. Instant connection with active communities, an attractive platform with a wide reach beyond your own audience and a home for real-time trends. If Malaysians want to know the latest happenings, Twitter is where it’s at before anything else.

From large corporations like Coca-Cola with their “Share a Coke” campaign to your local business owner like Khairul Aming selling out his Sambal Nyet, this is THE platform for self-promotion.

Just recently, Twitter released the Top Tweets of 2021 in Malaysia with Astro landing in one of the top 7 for driving subscription of its “Sports Pack” during the Olympic Games using sports conversations, gaining a deep understanding of the sports community in Malaysia.

By providing short insights into market news, tapping onto the latest trends (and fast!) and showcasing your contribution within your area of expertise, your brand can also grow into a known expert within your field who people listen to. People will join in on discussions, share their comments and opinions then retweet statements that speak to their mind!

What makes Twitter powerful?

  1. Home for a changemaker: The start of the ‘bendera putih’ movement in 2020 which became headline news internationally.
  2. Strong Brand story: Sambal Nyet by Khairul Aming hit RM 1 Million sales after 3 months of launch. He made sure that his followers and customers are involved in every milestone. Like Kylie Jenner, he sold out his products in just seconds!
  3. Drive Social Cause: Twitter is known for its supportive members who give help in the form of a retweet, driving others to donate monetary funds.
  4. Helping Local Entrepreneurs: @SkylaSoi, a local artist that's struggling financially during MCO humbly asked for help to retweet her business thread. In only one day, all her paintings were sold out!

The target audience? Malay aged 15-30 years old

  • They don’t read lengthy stuff. They like it short and sweet.
  • Easily ‘triggered’ when something doesn’t go their way.
  • Have strong opinion on a topic.
  • They support people with the same ideology as them.

We now know why and who Twitter speaks to, so we got a special branded advertorial package just for you. Focusing on urban young adults within Astro universe, we can share and amplify your products through both Twitter influencers + Astro’s digital prowess. 

*Full list of Astro’s advertorial sites in the package  

Check out the various Twitter+Article packages here, specially made for your brands to be part of the trendiest within the on-the-pulse Malaysian community.


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