Nov 19,2021

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Audio is all around us, even when we don’t notice how it permeates our every day lives. From online radio, podcasts to video live streams, this new generation of audiophiles includes everyone from boomers, gen x, millennials and gen Z. So the question is, with the demand for content there, is your brand ready to expand into the massive world of audio?

At Astro, we have the biggest share of audio streaming at more than 48 million monthly audio streams. Just this November, Astro Radio revitalised SYOK app with a refreshed look, launched over 60 online radio stations categorised by music genres, more trending podcasts and videos, articles & exciting contests with great prizes. So, we are very excited to bring you whole new slew of exciting opportunities for your business.  

SYOK’s Digital Audio  

Brands can reach targets the smarter and more sophisticated way through a variety of creative ad formats that can address different business needs. For example, you can personalise your dynamic creatives and customise audio messages based on listener’s data such as location, day part, weather and audience segment; meaning delivering a different audio stream to each listener. This ensures listeners will receive relevant and targeted ads.

We’re also excited to launch 2 new ad formats this coming December. ShakeMe™ allows you to engage with mobile audiences where listeners are invited to shake or tap their phones in order to trigger an action while listening to an audio ad. With voice interaction, brands can carefully craft immersive qualified leads in a conversational experience, by allowing listeners to choose what happens next, be it an audio message with more info, or a redirect to the offers landing page.

For better brand story telling, you can tap onto ad sequencing which allows you to tell a complex story through multiple ads, gradually. In addition, brands can add a clickable synchronised banner to take the listeners to a campaign landing page or website at the same time when the audio ad is served.

We even have second screen engagement! While watching, hearing, or engaging with content on one device (for example a smartphone, tablet or laptop), additional contextual information and ads can be displayed on a companion device.

Not forgetting, SYOK Digital Audio is fully enabled for programmatic buys. This is the perfect opportunity for brands to tap onto over 48 mil monthly audio streams within Astro.

Online Radio Brands Sponsorship Package

If you’re keen to try out our new online radio stations by genre, come and dominate the audio world with this exciting offer. 17 FM stations on-air, 60 online radios on SYOK website, app and social media, your brand can engage with listeners 24/7 across 4 different languages! 

Don’t wait any longer, come and take a share of ear from Astro Radio’s audio universe and connect with our listeners across Malaysia, anywhere and anytime. 

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