Jul 14,2021

New Study Finds Millennials Love Radio the Most

In a media environment where the winds of change are rarely quiet, one medium has stood strong against them – Radio.

The recent GfK Radio Audience Measurement (RAM) study shows that radio reached 93.7% of individuals aged 10+ in Peninsular Malaysia equivalent to 20.6 million weekly listeners. Astro Radio continues dominating 74% of listenership across all language segments with a growth of 237K listeners compared to last survey in Wave 2 2020.

Millennials are the biggest radio consumers with 6.5 million people aged 25 to 39 listening to radio each week, with over 14 hours of weekly time spent. 80% of these millennials are on Astro Radio, dominating the market across all languages.

Extending to digital, there are about 5 .4 million and 3.1 million daily users on Facebook and Instagram respectively, with about 80% of them being Astro radio listeners.

Key insights into Listening Habits

With a variety of audio formats available today, let’s take a look at how millennials have listened to radio in the past one month: -

  • Mobile phone:4 million millennials tuned in to radio on their device and 84% are Astro radio listeners.
  • Radio station websites: About 825K listeners accessed the official total radio station website and 88% are Astro radio listeners.
  • Apps: Monthly active users on SYOK has tripled within a year since launch, recording more than 400K users with close to 1 million unique streamers on the web.*

Purchasing Behavior Of Millennial Listeners On Astro Radio

This demographic becomes even more interesting as you look at their purchasing behaviors across key product categories.

Banking & Finance Services

  • 85% are debit card users
  • 91% of MY listeners have been using debit card services and it has the highest weekly reach among the Chinese language stations (616K).
  • 4 million of weekly ERA listeners have been using e-banking services and scored the highest reach among the Malay stations.
  • 72% of HITZ listeners have been using e-banking services and it has the highest weekly reach among the English language stations (616K).
  • Compared with other English participating stations, HITZ listeners are 140% more likely in using or owning education loan.

 Food & Beverages

  • 6 million millennial listeners have consumed coffee/tea in the past 2 weeks and 81% of them are Astro Radio listeners.
  • Close to half of HITZ listeners are using home delivery food service and it has the highest weekly reach among the English language stations (405K).
  • In the past one month, 76% of MY listeners have purchased confectionery items, recording the highest weekly reach of over half a million among the Chinese stations.

Health & Wellness

In the past one month: -

  • 5 million millennial listeners have visited a pharmacy and 82% of them are Astro Radio listeners.
  • ERA and SINAR recorded the highest reach of pharmacy visits, with 1.2 million and 1 million weekly listeners respectively. 

In the past 2 weeks:-

  • With close to 80% of millennial listeners on Astro have consumed healthy food & drinks, ERA recorded the highest reach of 1.6 million.
  • 75% of MY listeners have been consuming Health Food Drink, set the highest weekly reach among the Chinese language participating stations (505k).

Radio has long been a trusted companion for people of all ages so it’s no surprise that it continues to be the premier destination when people want to connect with others and their community. Just this month, ERA reached a huge milestone of 1 million subscribers on YouTube, a FIRST of its kind achievement in Malaysia for a radio brand!

Audio is hot right now and a must for marketers looking to reach increasingly elusive and fractured audiences like millennials. With Astro Radio leading in both audio and digital space, now is the best opportunity for brands to jump on the bandwagon and shine together!

If you’re interested in on-air, digital or streaming, check out our radio packages here or contact us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • GfK Radio Audience Measurement (RAM) Wave 1 2021 was carried over 6 weeks between 28 February to 10 April. GfK utilized 4,500 paper diaries and 1,500 e-diaries which were distributed to 6,000 unique individuals aged 10 years and above across Peninsular Malaysia to capture their listening habits. 18 commercial radio brands subscribed to this wave.
  • *Source: Streaming is based >1 minute length, RadioActive Apr 2021 | Website: Google Analytics Apr 2021


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