May 25,2021

SME Stimulus Offer 2021

We at Astro understand how stimulus packages for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) would greatly benefit economic recovery. With free 20% ad credits on all TV channels, this offer is not to be missed! While MCO sparks a rise in people watching TV at home, give your business a well-needed boost now.

Eligibility of Claiming FREE Ad Credits 

  • As part of the effort to support SME businesses in mitigating the impact of the pandemic, this offer is open to Malaysian SMEs only.
  • SME advertisers are eligible to claim 20% FREE AD CREDITS for every media investment on airtime (excl. production and 3rd party costs).
  • For example, for every paid booking of RM100K, SME advertisers get to enjoy RM20K of free ad credits plus corresponding bonus spots based on their existing entitlement.
  • Applicable only for all SPOT BOOKINGS (loose and package buys) across all Astro TV channels from 1 Jun 2021 to 31 Jul 2021.
  • All free credits must be claimed together with the paid spots and channels in the same media order and utilised within the eligible period stated above.
  • SME advertisers may claim the 20% free ad credits from any booked channels in the same media order except Astro Ria (6pm – 12mn) and Astro AEC (6pm – 12mn).
  • For media orders sent prior to the announcement of this offer, SME advertisers can claim the 20% free ad credits by submitting a revised media order following the same criteria stated above.
  • Astro shall not be liable for any unclaimed ad credits due to whatever reasons, all free spots will be forfeited automatically after the offer period stated above.
  • This offer is subject to the advertising terms and conditions for the provision of airtime, full details are available here

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