Jun 24,2019

Bold, Refreshing and Entertaining

Looking for content to market your brand? Here’s a list of exciting new shows for everyone – from a modern talk show for women, a children’s comedy talent show, new season of Hokkien key signature to brand new documentary for Chinese community.

The renowned Mingguan Wanita kicking off a new season in July, providing a platform for women to feel empowered as hosted by five leading Malaysian personalities. From Sherry Alhadad, Erra Fazira, Norman Hakim and more, there will be 5 exciting themes to discuss every weekday. 

Ever wondered why children say the darnest things? Look no further than Raja Lawak Junior, a new kids talent show featuring contestants from the ages of 7-15 years old as they fight for the top spot in the most comedic way.

There are many ways to reach the heart of Chinese audiences, traditions and food are the two best ways to get it going. Hua Hee Ban Tok S2 will be returning with brand new stories, special occasions to celebrate and pure entertainment value.

As we reach our 62nd Merdeka celebrations, Astro AEC brings together a documentary called By the equator, We Sing to celebrate the achievements of Chinese entertainers both locally and abroad. Find out how your favourite talents such as Gary Chaw, Penny Tai and Nicholas Teo sky rocketed to fame from between the 70s to 90s. 

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