Jan 17,2020

Astro Radio Introduces a New Talent Lineup

There are lots of new voices and faces at everyone’s favourite radio stations!

ERA D’BOYZ (4pm to 8pm)

Radin and Danial is now joined by NABIL AHMAD. Representing cool boys with funny and flirty attitudes, this show pokes fun at what’s trending online.

  • Pikat Line Nabil and Danial try their best to win a listener over with their lines.
  • Can Sing Ar This is a chance to karaoke with Nabil and Danial, with lyrics translated from Malay to English in their unique style.
  • D’Boyz Polls. Two challenges will be posted daily with the more popular one will be done by Radin and Danial at the end of the show.

Gegar Pagi Bersama Shah & Mek Zura (6am – 10am)

Rejoining her partner in crime, Shah for Gegar Pagi, Mek Zura brings her distinctive Kelantanese style to the show.

  • Guane Tu Ustaz. Everyday PU Mizi hosts a religious capsule on Gegar Pagi based on current issues from religious perspective
  • CIKGU CEKGI. Shah and Zura will teach listeners 1 East Coast Dialect a day (alternate states) using Dialect Dictionaries.
  • 1, 2.. ACTION!!. Listeners call in to participate in Gegar Pagi short sketch/drama based on the scene given within 1 min.
  • DOKTOR DOKTOR. A lot of health information is shared on social media by self-proclaimed ‘Doctors’, so Gegar Pagi  discusses health issues with actual Doctors to find the truth.

Lite Breakfast (6am – 10am weekdays)


Bel and JD are your new hosts for Lite Breakfast starting from 20 January. Talking to real people, about real lives and having real conversations, they discuss topical stories and issues of the day that matter to our listeners.

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