Jul 09,2019

New Content for the Culturally Obsessed

For those obsessed with all things culture – from travels to tradition… we have got some new content for you.

With expertise in supernatural and horror genre programs, Spencer Leung Sze Ho has been aptly named “the most charming ghost king” and is ready to showcase new episodes for UrbanLegends: Unspeakable Tales.

Malaysia is a country filled with rich traditions which should be preserved by generations to come. Find out what this young group of people discover on their travels on Astro AEC’s Work to Live.

Ready for a takeover? E-Travel Fair campaign will be turning Astro Ria and Gempak into a travel channel show. Yes, you heard that right – time to be inspired to travel the world.

All this travel talk has worked up an appetite for something yummy as Rasa S5 is back with Rasa Anak Emak, Anak Bapak. Celebrity guests will be traveling around Malaysia in search of their parent’s favourite dishes and attempt to cook it for them. 


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