Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Quake Club?

Quake Club is a participation-based loyalty programme owned and managed by Astro Media Sales. Exclusively designed for professionals in advertising and marketing industry, members can share knowledge with peers and earn points, or better known as Q-Perks.

By performing activities listed under the programme, Q-Perks are redeemable by the Members for Rewards from Quake. The Rewards will be sent via postal delivery.

Users can sign up online on the Quake website, participate in the activities listed under the programme to collect Q-Perks and use the collected Q-Perks to redeem Rewards.

Click here to sign up.

Only professionals in the advertising and marketing industry are allowed to become a member. Employees, officers, directors, agents and representatives of Quake Club Rewards Programme, Astro employees and its affiliates are eligible for Membership. Do note Astro employees are not allowed to redeem the rewards on Quake Club Rewards Programme. Non-professionals and those who are from other industries are not eligible for Quake Club Rewards Programme membership.

Membership is free of charge.

Yes, membership is open to non-Malaysians. The minimum age requirement for membership is 18 years old and above.

Q-Perks are points rewarded to Members when they participate in the activities listed under the programme.

a. Via activities performed
+100 First-time sign up

First-time sign up

Enjoy 100 Q-Perks when you sign up for the first time. Q-Perks will be automatically added upon successful sign up.

+10 Profile update

Profile update

Update your profile details at "My Account" page and get 10 Q-Perks. This includes name card upload.

+10 Social media linking

Social media linking

Link your social media account at “My Account” page to gain 10 Q-Perks.

+20 Join Quake WhatsApp

Join Quake WhatsApp

Click the Whatsapp link on “My Account” page and send a message to get 20 Q-Perks.

+50 Friend referral

Friend referral

Refer a friend who is eligible for membership to join Quake Club. For each successful sign up from your friend (via your referral link), you will get 50 Q-Perks.

+80 Event attendance

Event attendance

Attend trade events organised by Astro Media Solutions and enjoy 80 Q-Perks per event.

+200 Birthday gift redemption

Birthday gift redemption

A birthday gift of an additional 200 Q-Perks will be sent via email. You can only redeem these points during your birthday month. Enjoy the special gift!

+20 Share


For every video that you watch on QuakeCast.

b. Via social media sharing
Terms and conditions apply
  • Your social media profile must be set to public.
  • All articles and videos shared has to be shared within that quarter. (Q1: 1 Jan - 31 Mar; Q2: 1 Apr - 30 Jun, Q3: 1 July - 30 Sep, Q4: 1 Oct - 31 Dec).
  • The URL links to posts that aren't viewable or set to public will be disqualified automatically.
  • Limited to only 1 redemption per quarter and all unused points will be forfeited in next quarter.
+50 Share


For sharing QuakeCast videos on Social Media. *Quake Club members to send proof of video sharing to [email protected]

There is no limit, but each Member can only earn Q-Perks for maximum 3 activities per day. No points will be allocated for the 4th activity and onwards performed by the Member within the day.

Each Member can only have one account.

For activities under 8a:
By selecting the desired item(s) from Reward Catalogue, adding onto the cart and checking out to proceed with the redemption.

For activities under 8b:
By selecting the desired item(s) from Reward Catalogue, , attach your total Q-Perks collected with URL links of shared posts and redeem via email to [email protected]

You can redeem a lot of items, but can only redeem once a quarter. Exception will be on your birthday month, whereby you can make a redemption regardless if you had already made a redemption in that quarter.

You can only redeem once every quarter of the year. Exception will be on your birthday month, whereby you can make a redemption regardless if you already made a redemption in that quarter.

Your item(s) will arrive within 2 weeks of redemption confirmation date. Subject to eligibility and stock availability.

You can email us at [email protected]