Oct 01,2018

Astro Awani Morning Belt  

Wake up to a new dawn with AWANI’s new morning belt offering shows that cater to white collars, businessmen, SMEs, housewives, students and young adults. 

Malaysia’s most trusted news brand- AWANI is here to stay with fast and compact content for its viewers, all within the duration of 5 to 15 minutes to capture the time poor audience.

Komen Pagi - 6:30am / 8:30am (Repeat) - Daily

Featuring local and international news or current issues together with Dzulfitri Yusop, Jasmine Abu Bakar and Linda Salim.


The Tarik AWANI - 6:45 am/8:45am (Repeat) - Daily

Strike up your daily conversations with the hottest topics today and throughout the week.


Bualan - 7:15 am/9.50 am (Repeat) - Daily

Shine a spotlight on the hot buzzing trends in social media.


Nota Razak Chik - 8:15 am - Daily

A quick fix of daily news from the Senior Editor of Astro AWANI- Razak Chik


Tanam - 11:35 am/9:30 pm (Repeat) - Daily

Get simple and modern farming tips for both individual and commercial level with an insightful introduction to the technologies in the Malaysian Agriculture industry.


Suburbiaku - 9:25 am - daily

 Your daily source of community issues in the suburban area.


Nota Ibrahim Sani - 9:45 am - daily

The Business and Economics Editor of Astro AWANI reviews the latest issues of the business world, at home and abroad.


SME Bersama Najib Aarof - 8:20 am - daily

Catch Najib Aarof decoding the challenges of SME in this daily 10 minutes show.


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